Here's Barbara Corcoran's New Year's resolution for 2017

"Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran once told Business Insider that she works best when she's firm on setting top priorities.

She's using a similar approach to her personal life in 2017.

We recently asked Corcoran for her New Year's resolution.

She told us:

"I've decided to put joy first and made a thoughtful list of all the people in my life I like best but don't see often enough.

"I've set aside the first Monday night of every month to have them all to dinner. Groups of six — only people who know how to laugh."

It's a simple but effective idea. If your days have been so packed that you struggle to find time to spend with your friends, consider taking a page from Corcoran's book and prioritizing them. And who knows? If you "put joy first" when you're off the clock, you might find your work actually improves.

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