5 tips and tricks for tackling your 2017 goals

New Year's resolutions are a great way to kick off a fresh year. Whether you are trying to get organized, start a new project or reach a goal from last year, here are four tips and tricks from a few of our Finance Collective members to get you there:

"I love to use a bulletin board in my home office to keep on track with my goals for the new year. I pin them (literally) to my board so I see them everyday. It really helps me stick to my goals, no matter if it's eating healthy, working out, or saving money." -Shoeaholic No More

"No one gets through the workday without a bit of help along the way. For me, a great tool in my corner is Grammarly. It is a free application and there is also a paid service that spellchecks and also checks my grammar. It goes above and beyond spell check. Since writing is 90% of my job it always helps to have a second set of eyes on my pieces. Grammarly does a great job on picking up words and phrases that might pass the average spell check but do not necessarily make sense in my pieces or might be out of context. I highly recommend this tool to increase productivity for all professionals." -Jill Jacinto

"Give yourself some grace. You're not perfect so nothing in your life is going to be. The important thing is that when you mess up, get immediately back on track. Don't waste time punishing yourself, just get right back up and charge on!" -Saving with Spunk

"Goals are great. Habits are better. But what you really need is a combination of the two. You accomplish your goals by repeatedly accomplishing your daily habits. Small habits turn into huge results. Set a goal this year to start one new positive habit each month, and stick with it. By the end of the year, you'll have 12 new habits in your life that can change every possible aspect of who you are. My favorite tool for completing my daily habits and accomplishing monthly goals is the Productive App." -MoneyMiniBlog

"My biggest advice for the new year and setting measurable goals is to track your expenses. It's impossible to improve your finances if you're unaware of where your money is going every month. Use a budgeting app, such as Mint, to set up a budget and monitor the transactions you make throughout the month. Then look for areas to improve and keep tweaking your budget each month.

Don't get discouraged early on, it usually take 3-4 months until you can get a good handle on how much you typically spend. Tracking your expenses is a highly effective first step towards improving your finances for 2017!" -Spills Spot

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"Focus@will. This is a super cool audio app that specifically plays sounds/music that are scientifically designed to help you concentrate. I personally use this whenever I work to get a ton of stuff done; my favorite channel is Alpha Chill set to Medium Energy Level. It's really super effective, I find it so much easier to focus when listening to it -- there's a free 14 day trial so you can see for yourself!" -InvestmentZen

"The Personal Finance Planner. This is the perfect gift for the planner in your life. It goes way beyond traditional calendar planning and provides a system to organize your monthly budget, weekly meal plan, grocery shopping, debt payments, cash envelopes, and goals — all in one place." -Hope + Cents

"The Personal Finance Planner by Lauren Greutman. I am notorious for having 2 planners, a notebook, and whatever scrap paper I can get my hands on. This planner has it all in one! All the elements my Type A personality loves, the durability I need, and it comes in cute colors. I wrote a post about it here." -Saving with Spunk

"I am obsessed with cable cord keepers from Quirky my assistant got me. As soon as they are installed they transform your desk from a wired mess into a neat space saver." -Jill Jacinto
"Really not a gift, because it’s a free App, but Digit helps to automate your savings. Digit connects to your checking account and analyzes your income and spending. Over time it finds small amounts of money that it can safely set aside. This will really help you increase your saving rate." -Debt Discipline
"Essential Oils Diffuser. Smell is the strongest sense and really affects brain activity. Diffusers keep your work area fresh and you can change the oils depending on what environment you want to create. Lemon is great for concentration, peppermint promotes clear thinking (a my personal fav) and rosemary improves memory retention." -Saving with Spunk
"Nothing beats saving money on your grocery bills. This cute meal planner has a magnet, which allows you to stick it on your fridge for easy reference. The best part, you can get it for under $20!" -The Budget Mom

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