3 ways to keep your goals in the new year

Read on to see the 3 things that Jenny, of The Jenny Pincher, uses to make sure she meets all of her goals:

1. Todoist - Todoist is my favorite list making app and the number 1 product I recommend anyone use to reach their goals. I like to add all my to-do items to my list & sort them by categories so nothing gets forgotten. If I'm overwhelmed one day with too many things to do, I can easily reschedule what doesn't get done to the next day. I also include a few daily inspirational reminders so I can stay focused on positivity when I start my day!

2. Determine what you want in the new year - Many of us spend most of our time thinking about and focusing on what we don't want instead of what we do want. This year I'm not making a list a mile long with goals to achieve. Instead, I'm focusing on the things that I want in my life and paying attention to those things. If my actions aren't in alignment with what I want, I know I'm probably not on the right track. That is a great time for me to change what I'm doing to go after what I want!

3. Trello - Trello is a project management tool that I can't live without. I use it to organize my blog and to quickly see what is most important to work on next. I tend to try to do too many things at once and Trello has allowed me to track all my ideas in one place and organize them in a way that I can make progress.

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