McDonald's testing new Southern-inspired breakfast item in select locations

Chicken and waffles may be a greasy southern favorite, only offered by local hotspots and southern-inspired fast food chains like Lo-Lo's and Chick-fil-A.

But it looks like McDonald's might be jumping on this sweet and savory bandwagon.

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From January through the end of April, participating McDonald's locations will be testing a "Chicken McGriddle" as a part of their breakfast menus.

The sandwich consists of a fried chicken patty between two McGriddle cakes (the company's signature syrup-infused breakfast sandwich buns.)

Loyal McDonald's customers have attempted to create the sandwich on their own in the past, making the Chicken McGriddle a little-known secret menu item.

The sandwich will be available on the all-day breakfast menu in select McDonald's locations in Florida and Georgia.

Sue Martin, a McDonald's owner in Florida, explained to Space Coast Daily just how excited the participating restaurants are about the new addition to the menu:

"I'm excited that our customers no longer have to wait for Saturday or Sunday to enjoy brunch in Central Florida—now, they can enjoy the taste of chicken and waffles, on-the-go, all day, every day."

For nutrition information on the Chicken McGriddle, visit McDonald's website.

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