Wendy's amazing Twitter comeback to critic goes viral

Fast-food companies make a lot of claims about their food -- but Wendy's wants its customers to know that they're not fooling them when they say their beef is never frozen. One non-believer was so shamed by the chain (and its fans) that it forced them to delete their account.

Writer and Twitter user Parker Molloy shared screenshots of the interaction between Wendy's and an account called @NHRide:

Credit: Twitter

@NHRide (or "Thuggy-D") claimed that Wendy's beef was not fresh as they say. Wendy's insists their beef is not frozen -- and never was since the restaurant opened. Thuggy-D then asks if their beef is raw on trucks -- and said McDonalds was better.

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Wendy's ends the conversation with a great comeback: "You don't have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there."

The tweet went viral, getting thousands of likes and retweets. Thuggy-D was so embarrassed that he was compelled to delete his account.