Twitter's top exec in China just resigned after only eight months on the job

It seems as though Twitter can't stay away from bad news in recent months, from massive layoffs to insensitive ad campaigns.

And it looks like things aren't necessarily improving for the social media giant either.

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After a quick eight-month-long stint, Twitter's top executive in the Greater China Area, Kathy Chen, isleaving.

Chen was originally brought to Twitter in hopes of bringing more China-based advertisers to the social media platform – A not-so-easy task given that Twitter has been blocked in China since 2009.

However, Chinese companies have capitalized off of the platform by using it to advertise outside of China itself.

In true on-brand fashion, Chen took it to, where else, but Twitter to announce her resignation in a series of 12 (yes, 12) tweets from her account:

Chen has assured that the Hong Kong Twitter HQ will remain open and functioning at this time, and that growth and development in the Greater China market is still a priority for the company, ensuring that the Twitter will be shifting all "Chinese ad sales & support to our APAC HQ".

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