Here's how many millennials in 18 different countries plan to never retire

The thought of working with no end in sight is something unsettling to any employee in any field, let alone millennials who are just beginning their professional careers.

Retirement isn't so much of a goal as it as an inevitable portion of our lives that we have to make sure we're adequately prepared for.

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For different millennials around the world, however, that future plan can seem attainable or completely unreachable.

So how do employed millennials in different countries feel about the option of retirement before the end of their lifetime?

ManpowerGroup surveyed 19,000 millennials across 25 countries to find out – and some of the results were down right depressing.

Here are 18 countries where at least three percent of total employed millennials never plan on retiring -- or, in other words, working until they die:

Japan takes the cake with a whopping 37 percent (that's nearly 2/5) of its total millennial workforce not seeing any sort of retirement in their lifetime.

The study also notes that over half of millennials globally plan to work past age 50, and even more alarming than that, 12 percent of the world's total working millennial population plan to work without ever retiring in their lifetimes.

Millennials are predicted to make up nearly one-third of the entire global workforce by the year 2020.

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