5 reasons you should be donating money to your college

You should be donating money to your college. I love donating like to my alma mater. I give money to them every month, and I'm even considering including them in my will. There are so many reasons that you should consider donating money to your college.

A couple of weeks ago there is a spirited debate on the blog, Tie The Money Knot, about whether or not you should be donating money to your college and giving back. I quickly found myself in the minority, and I wanted to elaborate more on why I think that you should be donating money to your college.

Five Reasons College Donations Are Important

Donating Money To Your College Protects Your Investment

I look at my diploma as a certificate of stock from my college that I went to. The value of that diploma goes up and down depending on what my college does, how is portrayed in the news, and how it improves throughout the years.

My goal is that my college diploma will increase in value throughout the years. One way that I can still influence that is by giving back to my alma mater. It is one reason why you should consider donating money to your college. It is a protection of your investment of the four years and most likely thousands of dollars that you have invested.

Colleges Need Donations For Their Operation Budgets

When I was working on the staff of my college's student newspaper, I was introduced to the air workings of collegiate budgets. I was amazed that a large percentage of my college's operating budget came from our endowment.

And, of course, the endowment comes from the generous donations of alumni. So without alumni donating money to your college, the operating budget of the college could be squeezed. It would be a shame to have sequestration to her college budget much like the federal government is facing America today.

Helping And Giving Back To New Students

Donating money to your college also helps give back to the next generation of students. The money that you donate to your alma mater often goes to new scholarships and to help fund new programs for the next classes of students who will attend your college.

It is often wonderful to think that donating money to your college can have a lasting impact on future generations of your fellow college students long into the future to come.

Ranking Well In National Polls

We have to face facts. If a college wants to attract great students in great faculty, then they need to rent well the national polls. And, one attribute that colleges are graded against is the amount alumni give. most rankings in national magazines rank colleges based on the percentage of alumni who gave back to their alma maters.

So often in the rankings is far more important for a college to have many small gifts with a high percentage of alumni giving back rather than one or two large gifts with very few alumni giving back and donating money to your college.

The College Gave You So Much To Start With

When I think of my college, I have nothing but good memories. I look back and I think of all the things of my college gave to me. You gave me a start, new friends, great experience, life lessons, and was a place where I met my wife. I think that I owe so much more to my college that I'll ever be able to repay. And, that is why I give freely from my heart back to my alma mater which I love so much.

I understand that giving to any charity is a personal decision. There are many people who simply don't have the financial means to give back to charities they care about whether it is their college alma mater or another cause they love. I also think that there are far too many people who can give back and simply choose not to. And, I think that is a down right shame.

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