Oprah says she lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers and the stock is soaring (WTW)


Weight Watchers is gaining after the roll out of a new ad campaign featuring claims that media mogul Oprah Winfrey lost 40 pounds on the system.

A new campaign, announced Thursday, touts Winfrey's weight loss and the "fantastic and full life" she is leading on Weight Watchers.

"Weight Watchers is easier than any other program I've ever been on. It's a lifestyle, a way of eating and a way of living that's so freeing. You never feel like you are on a diet and it works," said Winfrey in a release from the company.

Also see the mogul through the years:

"I believe others who are looking to make a change will be as inspired as I am about the stories we are sharing in this new campaign."

Following the announcement, Weight Watchers stock leaped around 11% in pre-market trading as of 9:09 a.m ET.


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This is not the first time Oprah has moved the stock. Her announcement of an investment in Weight Watchers and subsequent tweets regarding the company have caused jumps in the past.

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