The most mispronounced words of 2016


It's easy to laugh at coined words from this year like "bad hombre" and "bigly" -- but it's hard to blame the president elect when most of us are pronouncing our favorite shows, the foods we eat and more all wrong.

In a new survey, commissioned by the language learning app Babbel the top 10 mispronounced words of 2016 may not surprise you. (We know you you secretly googled how to pronounce Breitbart in an effort to not look clueless at the office!) David Bowie set the often sad tone for 2016 when he passed away in January, yet still the world pronounced his name wrong. And Brad Pitt's "Allied" co-star, Marion Cotillard, was also a tough one to get out.

Don't get us started on the Netflix show Narcos, nomophobia (the fear of being without your mobile phone), Zika and xenophobia!

Click through the slideshow below for the most mispronounced words of the year.