Never spend money on wrapping paper again

Holiday gift wrapping can sometimes be a pricey afterthought, with retailers charging anywhere from $5-$10 to wrap your last minute purchases. Sure, you can buy your own and do it yourself, but what about repurposing things around the house that'll add a personal touch, at no cost?

Most of you travelers out there probably have a variety of maps lying around, collecting dust. If so, congratulations - you just found your new wrapping paper! Using maps can add an element of polish and distinction to any gift. You can even customize it with a little ribbon to take things up a notch!

And who doesn't have paper grocery bags in the house? Yep, we used to cover our textbooks with these in high school but with a little creativity, your gift won't remind you of AP biology. Add a little tape, twine, and an old photo or magazine cut-out, you can turn that plain brown paper into a vintage-looking gem!

And lastly, while you have the magazines out...why not use them too? The glossy, colorful finish can help add a more modern flair and style to your holiday presents. You can also use newspaper as well!

So get creative, and make your gifts even more memorable this holiday! Not only is it easy, it'll save you a few bucks as well.