The best city in every state to buy a home


As every prospective homebuyer knows, there's a lot that goes into buying a new home beyond just its listing price. You have to ask yourself: Does this city have a strong education system? Is the neighborhood safe? How much will my property taxes be? Will my home become more valuable in the future when it's time to sell?

To help out those who are house hunting, determined the best city to buy a home in every state, taking into account various factors, including school districts, property tax bills, home prices and incomes. Whether you're looking to start a family or make money off investment property in the near future, check out our picks of the best places to live.

Methodology: In order to source list, GOBankingRates identified the three cities in each state with the best-ranked school districts, according to Niche. Then, GOBankingRates used the following factors to determine the best city in each state: 1) median property tax bill, sourced from the Tax Foundation; 2) median home listing price, sourced from Zillow; 3) median household income, 2010-2014 (in 2014 dollars) sourced from U.S. Census Bureau. Based on those three factors, the study selected the best city out of three cities for each state. States left out due to insufficient data include: Alaska, Montana and Hawaii.

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