A look inside the real-life 'Home Alone' house

"Home Alone" is an all-time classic comedy about eight-year-old Kevin McAllister who must fight off burglars in his house when his family accidentally leaves him behind during Christmas break.

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Though the film never mentions exactly what Kevin's parents do for a living, it's safe to say that both the McAllister's would have had to be doing something pretty successful to afford a home as gorgeous and highly sought-after as this one.

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Located in the charming neighborhood of Winnetka, Illinois (about 20 miles north of Chicago), the famed McAllister home sits on a half acre with around 4,200 square feet of living space.

Fans of the film can't get enough of snapping photos of their best Kevin McAllister impressions in front of the famous digs – check out these Instagrams:

The house boasts five bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, all enclosed by a gorgeous brick exterior and private gardens.

This 1920 Georgian looks the part of the quintessential suburban-America home.

"Home Alone" director Chris Columbus shared with Entertainment Weekly that choosing 671 Lincoln Avenue was no easy feat:

"We needed to cast a house that would work for the stunts and also a house that was visually appealing and, if this makes sense, warm and menacing at the same time. It's the kind of house if you were a kid it would be fun to be left home alone... I wanted it to feel timeless."

The home sold in March 2012 for $1.585 million.

"Home Alone" turned 25 last year, and its legacy has definitely been equally as timeless as the house itself.

Now check out the house that played the part of Hermione Granger's home in the "Harry Potter" series:

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