4 gift ideas for a smart (and fun) home

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The world is changing rapidly. Every day there seems to be a new product or app released that helps us live more efficiently.

These new efficiency-focused advancements have now made their way into our homes. And I'm welcoming them with open arms. The less time I spend on meaningless time consuming activities, the better my life will be.

Here are 4 gift ideas that will help you stay up with the latest technology trends and make your home more efficient (and fun):


What is it? An LED lightbulb that changes color and plays music. Mind. Blown.

Why I love It? Combines two necessary devices in one, reduces clutter on the counter and gives me something to show off to my friends when they come over (CHECK THIS OUT)! The sound quality isn't half bad either. The more Playbulbs you install, the better the overall sound. Yes, this is surround sound inside your lightbulbs people.


What is it? This thermostat learns your preferred temperature and programs itself in about a week. It turns itself down when no one is home and can be easily adjusted through your smartphone.

Why I want it! Nicole and I are always messing with the temperature in our house. Surely a computer could do a better job than we could! Also, with its energy saving features, Nest pays for itself in two years. #Winning!


What is it? Hands-free home assistant that plays music, answers questions and even orders you a pizza.

Why I want it! On my travel days, Echo could order me an Uber to the airport, play my favorite music on Spotify and tell me my schedule for the day all while I'm making myself breakfast. Now if I could just find that breakfast making robot, I'd be all set!


What is it? A wi-fi enabled doorbell that allows you to see, hear and speak to your guest from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Why I want it! I order a lot of packages online so this would be an easy way to see if they've arrived at the house when I'm traveling or at work. The infrared night vision would allow me to keep an eye on my house too. And when I am home, I wouldn't even need to get up to answer the door! Talk about efficiency!

What smart home devices do you have that you can't live without? Which devices have peaked your interest?

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