The unexpected office item your desk needs right now


Sitting at your desk in a chair for hours on end can be completely monotonous, but also very uncomfortable. Why not invest in your day to day work flow with a standing desk converter? Switch up your daily routine with these standing desks recommended by Finance Collective members:

"Anyone who works incessantly on a laptop is familiar with the 'gargoyle hunch' that inevitably happens after too much time spent at the keyboard. This extremely portable yet sturdy laptop stand encourages your body to adopt the proper posture, preventing workaholics from getting back pain and an unattractively stooped curvature." -InvestmentZen

"I like to stand while I work because it encourages me to get up and walk around more. I don't have room for a standing desk, but this is a really versatile option to turn any desk or surface into a standing desk." -The Wild Wong

"I'm told sitting is the new smoking and that everyone should be standing while they are working. I'm not sure if that is true but I'd love to give it a try and see how it works!" -The Jenny Pincher

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