These things could actually be cheaper in 2017

Inflation seems to bring prices up every year, but here are a few things analysts predict will be cheaper in 2017.

Planning to propose? The price of diamonds should be taking a dive. Many people have purchased other gemstones or gone with a synthetic stone, thus diamonds will cost less due to lower demand.

Some airlines have rolled out Basic Economy Fares which could make your air travel much cheaper. These seats do come with restrictions, but for the traveler on a budget it could still mean Bon Voyage!

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5. 5 unnecessary tech purchases that cost you money

When you're building a budget, the first thing to look at is non-essentials you can cut. Music, movies, books, apps and other bits of entertainment often fall into that category. However, you might not want to give them up.

The good news is that you don't have to. You can get all of these things for free if you know where to look. Learn how to get these for free, and more tech purchases you might be making that you don't have to.


4. 3 things you're almost guaranteed better deals online 

When online shopping first started, it was a bonanza for saving money. Online stores didn't have to deal with sales tax, a large chunk of typical retail overhead and you could usually find a free shipping offer somewhere.

In recent years, however, brick-and-mortar retailers have evened the odds with price matching and other savings. So you still want to check both for deals before you buy something. However, there are three things you might buy that are almost always going to be less expensive online. Find out what they are and some good sites to find great deals.


3. 3 secrets to dramatically lower your cable bill

When you're trying to cut non-essentials, your cable bill probably doesn't spring immediately to mind. Even though it's a huge expense every month, many people can't imagine going without their favorite shows.

Just because you're keeping cable, though, doesn't mean you should keep paying full price. Learn three secrets you can use to save big money on your cable bill, plus some cheaper cable alternatives you should consider.


2. Test whether your ISP is slowing down your connection

Your Internet connection lets you check Facebook, send email, browse the Internet, watch online video, play online games and connects you to the single largest source of information in history. You need it to be fast, and you probably pay a hefty amount to get an Internet plan with decent speed.

But are you actually getting the speed you paid for? If you aren't, then you're just wasting money every month. Find out how fast your connection really is so you know your money is well spent.


1. 3 secrets to getting the lowest airfare online

One of the biggest travel expenses is the airfare. Even worse, every dollar you're spending on getting to and from your destination is money you can't spend enjoying yourself while you're there. So, finding a cheap flight is definitely something to shoot for.

Fortunately, getting a great deal is easier than you think. You just need to know what sites to use, when to buy and the value of flexibility. Get the full details so you can save big on your next trip.



4K TV's originally hit the market with price tags ranging from $4,000 to $6,000, but last year you could snap one up for a grand. Predictions report some 4K TV's will be below $1,000 in the next year.

Lower gas prices have buyers purchasing large cars and SUV's, leaving many used small and subcompact cars sitting on lots. According to Edmonds in 2016, used car prices went up 2.7% overall, but the cost of small cars has dropped 2%. That trend could likely continue.

Cell phone companies are vying for consumers and making data plans more affordable for all.

Whether it's more vegetarians or an oversupply of cows, steak lovers will love the fact that beef prices are expected to drop even further than the 1% they already have in the past year.

Looks like we can all welcome a new year with a few more bucks in our pocket!

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