No, you're not dreaming -- McDonald's delivery is here

Have you ever sat on your couch watching a movie late at night and wished an order of McNuggets and piping hot fries could just appear in front of you?

Well it looks like that may not be a far off fantasy for much longer.

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No, you're not dreaming – McDonald's delivery is actually a real thing that's about to happen.

Starting January 2017, McDonald's will partner with UberEATS and begin delivery service from nearly 200 restaurants.

But as with any true miracle, there's a catch – The service will only be available in three Florida cities (Tampa, Orlando and Miami).

Customers will be able to order directly through a mobile app.

The fast food chain plans to expand to over 25,000 restaurants with worldwide mobile ordering set to roll out by 2018, reports Fortune.

McDonald's currently delivers through third-party apps (like Postmates) but has never before implemented their own store-based service.

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