See 10 of the most outrageous listings of 2016

Editor's note: 'Tis the season - not only to celebrate the year's end, but to look back at highlights of the past 12 months and start thinking about what we hope the coming year will bring. This week on Porchlight, we'll reminisce about some of 2016's bright spots, and help you get ready to greet 2017.

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This has been a big year for real estate. However, some homes still stand out, even among the numerous plush celebrity pads and the unique homes we dig up weekly.

These real estate highlights aren't always outrageously large or extravagant homes - sometimes they feature carefully kept crimson curtains from 1969, and other times they're a converted YMCA.

Check out 10 of the most outrageous listings that hit the market in 2016:

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