Surprising holiday grocery sales you didn't know to look for

During the holidays, sales on items like canned cranberries and pumpkin are pretty much a given. But, what many people overlook are the lesser-known discounts that can also help you stock up and save!

First, there's butter. For most of the year, it goes for about $4 a box, but prices can drop as low as $1.99 during November and December. And if you wrap it tightly with aluminum foil, butter can freeze perfectly for over 6 months, so don't be afraid to buy for the months ahead!

And speaking of foil, look for sales of over 50% off on kitchen storage supplies. Things like plastic wrap, bags, parchment paper, foil and re-useable containers will all be drastically marked down, so grab them up!

Finally, if you like baking, you're in luck. A lot of staples for your pantry will be deeply discounted during the holidays. You can find flour for as low as $1 for a 5 lb. bag. Sugar, chocolate chips, and sprinkles will also be dirt cheap, so you can feed your little cookie monsters without taking a bite out of your budget!

So jump on these deals this holiday season, because they won't last! Plan ahead, and you can keep your kitchen stocked well into the new year!