Must-read book shows how serial entrepreneur went from gang member to millionaire

When faced with major setbacks in our personal lives, it's easy to feel as if we've failed for good -- The same thing goes for missteps and mistakes in our professional lives.

But what happens when you've experienced both, and you find yourself standing at the intersection of figuring out where to go next?

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This is what serial entrepreneur Ryan Blair aims to answer and advise upon in his new book, 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks'.

After losing his father at a young age and joining a gang, Ryan faced hardship in his early life that most would find unfathomable.

Today, Ryan is a New York Times best-selling author (for his book 'Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain') and CEO/co-founder of the mega global health and fitness company ViSalus.

In 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks', the self-made millionaire speaks about how anyone facing difficulty can learn to capitalize off of failure and grow from it.

Ryan teaches how to shift one's thinking and approaches to make a positive change out of life's difficult times and setbacks.

We got the chance to chat with Ryan about his new book, his own rock bottom moment and how we can all find meaning in life's inevitable setbacks.

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AOL: What was your rock bottom career moment?

Ryan Blair: "I sold [SkyPipeline] for $25M, I was 24, and then I went broke by just spending my money frivolously...Having to go through the shame and grief and apathy as it relayed to that was a pretty rock bottom moment."

AOL: What would you say is the best way to prepare for a 'rock bottom' moment?

RB: "You're never prepared, but when you get through one, that's going to help you get through the next...You try to prepare for potential things that will hit you buy you'll never be prepared for things that come unexpected."

AOL: Do you feel that these hardships are necessary for growth and success?

RB: "My belief system is 'I'm given these things to become stronger.' Anytime I feel like I'm being weakened or being weak, I know that that's something I'm supposed to build strength have to tear down a person to build them up."

AOL: What would you say to someone who doesn't believe they're strong enough to overcome the adversity that they're facing channel that strength?

RB: "If a person thinks they're not that strong or that they're not capable, they're limiting their belief system on the subject ...everybody is strong, everybody is capable. just have to believe you can."

AOL: What would be you number one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

RB: "Find a job that is going to contribute to your future entrepreneurial career...Invest in yourself. And the most important investment you can make is picking the right job, at the right place that will contribute to the skills, and knowledge and wisdom for your future entrepreneurial career."

You can purchase Ryan's book, 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks', here.

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