Study names 'most hated' credit card companies

If credit card companies earned a letter grade based on the number of complaints their customers voiced about them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Citibank would get a big fat "F."

According to Millennial Personal Finance — which recently released its list of the Most Hated Credit Card Providers of 2016 — the CFPB has received 3,770 credit card-related complaints about Citibank so far this year — earning the bank a spot at the top of the naughty list for card companies.

The list is based solely on an analysis of more than 16,000 credit card complaints consumers filed with the CFPB.

According to Chen, based on CFPB complaints, these are the 20 credit card providers with the most complaints this year:

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David Chen, founder of Millennial Personal Finance, says with countless credit card options to choose from these days — many with nearly identical interest rates, benefits and rewards — it might help consumers to consider the experiences of other customers before selecting a card company. In an email to Money Talks News, Chen writes: Consumers should be wary of companies that have many complaints against them, as they may run into the same issue.

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