KIND LLC just gave away $1.1M to seven people for 'being kind'

The stories behind the names of different brands and companies are sometimes straightforward, sometimes complicated but always come bearing meaning.

For KIND LLC, the correlation between name and product is simple – The company's mission is to promote kindness.

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And what better way to promote kindness than to reward those who exemplify it?

This is where the idea of the KIND People program came from, as the company's website explains:

"This program celebrates people who have gone out of their way to help others in need. A KIND Person is someone who has performed an extraordinary act of kindness or demonstrated a selfless commitment to others. We're looking for individuals who have acted with humanity to impact another person's life or an entire community—making our world a better place."

So what were the results?

Amongst seven different individuals, KIND's CEO Daniel Lubetzky handed out a total of $1.1M.

The grand prize winner, Doniece Sandoval, won $500K for her company Lava Mae, which helps serve the homeless crisis in San Francisco by bringing mobile showers to those in need.

KIND found Sandoval to be the perfect choice for the grant, explaining:

"Her pioneering work delivering hygiene and restoring dignity to those who need it most has inspired people nationwide to devise new solutions to homelessness."

Lava Mae volunteers give back (Credit: Facebook)

The other six winners, who can be found here, each won $100K.

Winners were chosen from a panel of top CEOs and company founders, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The KIND People program is a part of KIND Foundation, the company's separate nonprofit sector.

Other initiatives in the KIND Foundation include the KIND Entrepreneurship and KIND Causes programs.

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