Save on gas during your holiday road trip


While some people are hopping on flights this holiday, a lot of others are doing their traveling by car. So in the spirit of saving gas, here are a few tips to help you hit the road without guzzling up your gift budget.

First thing to do is avoid idling. While it may seem like turning your engine on and off uses more gas, idling is worse - doing it for two minutes uses about as much gas as driving one mile. So if you're waiting around for more than 30 seconds, cut the engine!

Once you're on the road, try slowing down if you want to save. Most cars are optimized for about 55-60mph, and if you're going 80, you not only risk getting a hefty ticket but you're also losing about a third of your fuel efficiency. That's like paying $1 more per gallon - think about that the next time you speed down the interstate.

Lastly, save the cruise control for only the flattest stretches of road. Any slight hills or inclines will make your cruise control work harder at maintaining a constant speed, draining your gas faster. Instead, try driving more efficiently, like letting your car coast instead of braking constantly, or letting your car naturally speed up when going downhill.

So get behind the wheel and make the most of the miles ahead....just try not to yell at your GPS too much.