20 heartbreaking confessions from people with unemployed parents

Though the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in nine years, many people are still suffering through joblessness.

People whose parents are unemployed opened up on Whisper about what the struggle is like.

1. Kids feel like they need to help out:

My mom is unemployed. It's been well over a year. I feel like she uses me to supplement her income.
2. It's hard not to worry:
I just found out my dad lost his job. My parents told me not to worry but how can I not worry? It's all I think about now.
3. It causes strife in the home:
My dad lost his job. And I feel so bad everytime my mom blames him for everything.
4. Money is hard to come by:
I give my parents practically all my money because my mom lost her job due to a disability. Right now I wish I could be selfish and use that money to leave here but I can't bring myself to do it
5. It runs out quickly:
My dad has been unemployed for the past several months.I think we're running out of money.
6. It leaves people bored:
My mom lost her job so now she stays home all day and won't leave me alone
7. It can affect your entire family:
My dad got laid off today and I'm scared my family is gonna go down hill.
8. It can leave multiple people devastated:
My dad just got fired and my mom is unemployed. I have literally no idea what I'm going to do, or how Im going to live normally
9. It's exhausting:
Ever since my dad lost his job a week ago, my life has just been a constant downward spiral and I'm too exhausted to do anything about it.
10. It's hard to move out:
I'm 28 years old and can't afford to move out because I help my parents pay rent and bills since my mom was laid off and my dad went bankrupt
11. It can change your entire life:
My dad lost his job and the next three months will determine how the rest of my life is going be. This is a whole new level of insecurity...
12. You have to make sacrifices:
I need therapy, but my dad lost his job and I feel like it's too much to ask for.. I'm losing it.
13. It affects people in different ways:
My dad has been in a bad mood lately because he's losing his job tomorrow. But he's taking it out on me like I got him laid off.
14. It's hard on the kids:
My mom lost her job, I can't afford to support my whole family.
15. It makes people lash out:
My dad is unemployed and he makes it his job to make my life living hell. If only I could escape.
16. It gives you perspective:
I never realized how lucky I was to finally make it into a middle class status until my dad lost his job.
17. It can cause depression:
My dad lost his job and I'm just depressed rn I hate being old enough to understand these things
18. The whole family has to help:
My dad lost his job. I now have to get a job to help support my family.
19. It's stressful:
My dad lost his job today and he seems fine, but I'm afraid he's going to crack under the stress soon...
20. It's hard to be hopeful:
My mom lost her job. I feel hopeless. I can't afford to take care of us.

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