What every recruiter and HR manager should worry about in 2017

With the rise of job seeker confidence, executives will be calling HR & recruiting teams to the carpet.

Recently, I shared why there will be a lot more people with jobs (like the ones at your company), leaving for new opportunities. It has to do with "churn" - a phenomenon that occurs when job seeker confidence increases. In short, it results in top performers getting poached from your company by competitors. Something the executive teams don't like very much.

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Recruiting & HR... Get Ready To Prove Your Worth

I'm telling every recruiter and HR professional I know to evaluate and quantify how they plan to add value to their company next year. That's because their leadership team will be asking them the same question. Recruiting and retaining talent is expected to get a lot tougher in 2017. If you can't offer data and metrics to support your efforts, the C-suite will question whether they have the right people for the job.

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There's Plenty Of Data At Your Fingertips

Some people push back and tell me they don't have a way to analyze and capture that data, but that's not true. For example, at the Glassdoor Power Panel in Boston next week (you can sign-up and attend the livestream too), myself from Work It Daily, and other industry pros from IBM, Hubspot, Dr. Pepper, and LaSalle Network will be showing recruiters and HR professionals exactly what they should be measuring and how to do it. Specifically, we'll talk about things like the best way to gather and present the data to your executive team. The key is to get started. The sooner, the better. Here's why...

When It Comes To Your Career, The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

I don't want to see any recruiting and HR professionals unprepared to validate their worth to their employer next year. Even though you feel like you've been telling your boss about the challenges of recruiting and retention, he or she really hasn't been listening. It's only when the pain of a talent crunch kicks in and hurts the company's bottom line that management's ears and eyes open. But, that's also when they'll demand immediate answers. Prepping now for the inevitable is the smartest way to makes sure your career stays on course. As they say in sports, go on the offensive to ward off the attack.

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