Shoppers bought this gadget every 2 seconds on Cyber Monday

You only get one guess, but it's safe to say the Apple iPhone is as popular as ever.

Here's a good trivia fact you can share at your next meeting.

According to data collected by eBay DataLabs on Cyber Monday on November 28, the most popular gadget of the holiday season so far--based on actual purchases--is the Apple iPhone 7. Specifically, they purchased the 128GB model that costs $710 exactly once every two seconds. The only other item to sell that quickly? Perfume.

See the 5 most popular electronics sold on this year's Cyber Monday, according to Adobe:

If you're like me, you maybe didn't realize eBay even provided this type of data, but it's incredibly valuable if you're wondering which gifts to buy over the holidays, which products are trending with customers, or if you are in the market to buy a new gadget yourself. Some of the other data they released for Cyber Monday is also interesting.

For example, the prime shopping time for desktop users is over lunch--starting at 12PM. Yet, for mobile users, the most purchases occurred in the evening at 7PM.

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Other than the iPhone 7, smartphones in general were hot items. A customer bought one every two seconds. The second most common item sold? That would be a laptop, even though there's a perception that everyone who wants a laptop already has one or that these mainstay devices for business are not as popular as they once were.

Now see the best sellers on Amazon of 2016 so far:

In electronics, the most popular consumer device on Monday was the Microsoft Xbox One S, beating out the Apple MacBook Air 13.3" LED with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB of storage (second place) and the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition (third place).

The GoPro Hero is a surprise. The company has struggled to recapture (no pun intended) their former glory in the action sports market and recently announced more layoffs.

The Apple Watch ranked in the middle of the pack--someone bought that device every 12 seconds on Cyber Monday. Drones were sold about every 16 seconds.

As for chats with the AI-powered shopping assistant available through eBay, DataLabs reports that headphones and speakers were the hottest topics but the iPhone and laptops were actually more common as purchases. It's possible more people wanted to talk about these consumer product lines but actually bought other items.

You can browse the DataLabs site to find other trends, especially as you start thinking about who is buying which gadgets for the holidays and which devices are not on the list. Don't see too many Samsung phones? That might have something to do with the ongoing battery problems. Also curiously missing? Any of the recent virtual reality headsets.

Knowing the iPhone is even more popular than any os us imagined explains a bit about why Apple is building the most amazing office space ever. Maybe the company will eventually figure out how to make the iPhone last more than a day.

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