Are you likable? 6 ways to be more charismatic

Proven ways to become more charismatic, instantly.

Becoming a more likable and charismatic person can advance your career and your business in ways that technical skills and intelligence alone cannot. Everyone has the ability to be likable, but like any other skill, charisma needs to be honed.

Adopting the traits of likable people helped me to produce more sales, create a better culture and establish a stronger network.

Becoming more charismatic isn't about tactics and tricks. It's about authenticity and awareness.

Here are six ways to become a more charismatic and likable leader:

Putting it together

Implement these tips and you will immediately make your social interactions more enjoyable. But don't fake it. People can detect insincerity a mile away.

Practice one tip until it becomes habit. Then move to the next. Also, do yourself a favor and read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. I've read it 14 times and it's been instrumental to my success.

Treat people how you want to be treated and abundance and affection will come back to you. Likable people know this--that's part of what makes them so likable.

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