Unexpected uses for aluminum foil


Aluminum foil is the most effective way to preserve the moisture in your food - better than plastic wrap! But instead of tossing it when you're done, you can repurpose it, and save a few bucks in the process!

Let's say it's dish-time and there are metal pots and pans to clean but you threw out your last scouring pad - easy fix! Just crumple a handful of aluminum foil, add the usual soap, and that burnt food will scrub off just as easily. Just avoid using this on non-stick surfaces that might scratch.

And while you're in scrub-mode, you can also use foil to polish and restore chrome! Start by dipping the foil in some water before you start rubbing; repeat as necessary. You will be surprised at how easily that rust dissolves into a shiny, scratch-free surface!

Next, foil can work great to help sharpen your scissors. Just flatten and fold a sheet into a few layers and start cutting. After about 8 passes, your blades will be sharper, and you'll probably be saying, "why didn't I try this before?"

Lastly, while ironing always seems to take forever, you can speed up the process by placing a sheet of aluminum foil underneath the ironing board cover. The foil reflects the heat, taking the wrinkles out of your clothes, and your day...a little faster

So think twice after you unwrap that sandwich! By repurposing the aluminum foil, saving a few bucks is just a crumple away.