Amazon has sold more than 5 million Echo speakers


Amazon has sold more that 5 million units of its Echo smart speakers since introducing the device two years ago, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. 2 million were sold in the first nine months of this year alone.

Consumers who down own an Echo primarily use it as a internet-connected speaker for music and radio listening. Over 30 percent also use it to request specific information from Amazon's Alexa assistant, and smart home control is also increasingly being used.

"Our research shows that more than half of Echo owners use the device as more than a voice-controlled music speaker," said Consumer Intelligence Research Partners co-founder Mike Lowitz. "Users report asking about weather and news, and increasingly controlling other connected devices."

Amazon has been looking to broaden the Echo user base with the Echo Dot, a smaller and cheaper version that works best in conjunction with existing speakers or stereo systems. The company introduced the Echo Dot earlier this year, and has been selling it for as little as $39.99 ahead of the holidays.

However, Amazon is also getting increased competition, most notably from Google. The search giant introduced its own smart speaker, dubbed Google Home, this summer. Google Home is looking to take on Amazon's Echo by tapping into Google services and closely aligning with Google's Chromecast streaming adapter.