We tried the special breakfast sandwich McDonald's is testing — and think it could be a huge hit

The fast-food world exploded earlier this year at the revelation that McDonald's is testing a Chicken McGriddle sandwich.

Even better news: McDonald's has since expanded the test, rolling it out to several other regions across Ohio, which suggests that the sandwich has been a big hit in the state so far.

The new item combines a fried chicken patty and the sweet pancake buns of the McGriddle breakfast sandwich.

Only time — and Ohioans — will tell if the sandwich has national staying power. But we couldn't wait to try it for ourselves, so we decided to construct our own Chicken McGriddle.

So how to go about constructing your own Chicken McGriddle? It's pretty simple. First, buy a simple Sausage McGriddle and a Crispy Buttermilk Chicken sandwich.

The humble Sausage McGriddle works best, as there's no egg or cheese to mess with.

After all, it's the buns we're after here. The McGriddle buns are specially formulated with maple-syrup crystals to give a sweet, syrupy flavor without the sticky mess.

Check out these secret fast food menu items:

It's best either to order a custom chicken sandwich with only the chicken and a bun or to ask for the Crispy Buttermilk sandwich sans tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Otherwise, there's going to be a weird mayonnaise taste in your Chicken McGriddle.

We've already reviewed the new Crispy Buttermilk chicken, so we know it's decent. It doesn't hold a flame to Chick-fil-A or Shake Shack's new chicken sandwich, but it's good nonetheless.

OK, so the recipe is pretty simple ...

... so we're not going to spell it out for you. There you have it, in all its crispy, sweet glory.

Of course there's no chicken item on McDonald's breakfast menu right now, so implementing such an item nationally would involve some finagling on the franchisees' ends. But the big question is, is it good?

The short answer is yes. The crispy, salty chicken melds perfectly with the spongy and sweet maple flavor of the bun. It doesn't have quite the same savory edge as the normal sausage or bacon McGriddles have, but it's a different taste altogether. It's rich without being overbearing.

Plus, it feels a lot healthier than the sausage or bacon varieties — even if it really isn't. This could definitely be a huge hit.

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