16 hilarious listing photos that show what not to do when putting your house on the market

When Andy Donaldson was house hunting in London in 2013, he was amused by how many low-quality real estate photos he came across during his search.

"I shared a few [photos] with friends, accompanied with some sarcastic commentary of my own, and it took off," Donaldson told Business Insider. From there, he was inspired to start the Tumblr "Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos," which quickly grew a following.

"Within a few weeks the blog was getting around 1 million visits per week, [and followers] send me so many horrendous examples of their own I can hardly keep up," he said.

Below, we've rounded up 20 of our favorite photos from Donaldson's site. While some are low-lit and unflattering, others are just creepy. Consider them examples of what not to do when you're trying to sell your home — a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

Check out the mind-boggling photos below:

hilarious listing photos
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hilarious listing photos
An interesting alternative to coffee and cigars. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/DoCPhG9Bra
“Have you come to save us, or to join us?“ https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/zWi5IxY2eO
Now, if you'd like to take a seat by the pool, I've made some broccoli soup. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib #realestate https://t.co/UC1QBHgews
Pretty sure it’s not Coke, and it’s *definitely* not Pepsi. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/0pNu1kTc80
A nervous breakdown expressed entirely through interior design. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/CduP9S90tH
Definition of bad kitchen etiquette? Leaving the seat up. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/Yld7KwPqHM
Before you invite Grandma round, we need to talk hedges. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/Vcr3RwPIVr
Every morning a fresh reminder of the unearthly horrors of childhood. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/iTixMsJmAX
As it's Friday, have a great big kiss from a creepy stranger. #FridayFeeling https://t.co/cpxRlcpXji
Tommy’s parents waited in vain from him to ask for violin lessons or join a chess club. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/5o5uopqVuc
"Which biblical scene should we paint on our wall?” "Satan v Jesus, the arm wrestling competition. Has to be." https://t.co/uUt8be1uke
“OK so let’s get started. As the Main TV in this house, I expect certain standards from all the rest of you guys...” https://t.co/fuGJiL6r6o
The winner of our Spot-the-Toilet competition gets to relieve themselves & wash their hands https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/2Pg0pR2Bbf
Taste. The final frontier. https://t.co/xlUG9cqfib https://t.co/nWG2bo9jgZ
I guess that answers one question. They don't use the woods after all: https://t.co/MqWOnhYUzm https://t.co/uOCviwylHB

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