Shocking amount parents spend on toys revealed

By Keri Lumm, Buzz60

It's the most wonderful time of the year, where parents empty their pockets to buy toys for their children.

How much money will parents spend over a child's lifetime on toys?

According to a new study by the Toy Industry Association, parents will spend $6500 dollars.

And the sad part is, most kids play with the box as much as the toy.

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The study also found that $6500 buys a lot of toys. the average home has 71 toys with a fifth of them having over 100 and a tenth having over 200.

Of course, the number one consideration parents should take into account when purchasing toys is safety. Joan Lawrence, the Toy Industry Association's safety expert, has some advice quote: "The number one thing parents can do to ensure safe play is to read the age guidelines on toy packaging."

The study found that one in nine parents don't follow safety guidelines, but to the other 8 in 9, keep up the good work!

In addition to finding out how much parents spend on toys and how many they have, the Toy Industry Association also polled to find out everyone's favorite toy, and the result was Legos.

They are everyone's favorite until you step on one!