Uber is giving away free rides from the airport for the holidays

Even if that flight home for the holidays costs a fortune, at least you can spare mom a trip to the airport when your plane lands at 12:08 a.m.

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Uber has partnered with American Express to offer a free rides for flying travelers. It's already in effect, so Thanksgiving travelers can take advantage next week.

The deal is limited to American Express cardholders heading out from an airport. Just plug in the promo code "AMEXAIRPORT" in the app and pay with your Amex card. You'll be credited up to $65 — and you can use the deal twice before Dec. 31.

To take advantage of up to $130 in ride credit, you have to order a car from one of these 11 airports.

Sorry, everyone in other cities! But for those Uber riders with an Amex flying to or from, say, Seattle, you just scored a free ride or two.

Happy holidays.