What your desk says about your personality

Did you know your deskspace says a lot about your personality?

Lily Bernheimer, a research fellow at the University of Surrey in the UK, says there are five different personality desk types.

Whether you're a minimalist, a clutterer or a 'personalizer', your desk actually reveals a lot about you -- what kind of worker you are, how invested you are in your job or company and more.

Click through the below to see what kind of personality type you have -- and learn a little about our co-workers, too!

What your desk says about your personality
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What your desk says about your personality

The Minimalist 

Minimalists tend to be highly disciplined, hardworking, and reliable. But beware -- Aalack of personal touches might indicate to bosses that they don’t plan on staying long.

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The Expander

If your items frequently end up in other's spaces, you could be an expander, which means you love being in the center of the room.

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The Personalizer

Do you have almost all personalized items at your desk, like monograms, colorful accents and posters of your favorite celebrities? You may be a personaliser, meaning you’re creative, intelligent, and you love new experiences. Personalizers are also more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

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The Surveyor

If you prefer your personal space you might be a surveyor. This type of person enjoys little distraction and or interaction but is highly creative and productive.

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The Clutterer

Clutterers tend to be extroverted and welcoming -- they’re messy because they’re social and don’t have time to be clean. 

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