Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table on the Cheap

Did you can decorate your Thanksgiving table, without biting into your budget?

One easy way is to use what you've already got... inside and outside of the house! Beautiful fall leaves, pine cones, twigs, and acorns can add a lot of festivity...with a natural touch!

Got candles laying around? Put them to good use! Try placing a few in an empty glass, and layer some acorns inside, with a few pine cones and golden leaves at the base. Or, fill a shallow clear bowl with water, place it over some vibrant foliage and set a few tea lights on top to warm up the atmosphere!

Un-carved Halloween pumpkins, if stored outside in cool temperatures, can also stay fresh for 2-3 months. Repurpose them as decorations, or better yet, hollow them out to use as serving bowls!

So while place settings can be expensive, there's no reason to break the bank this Thanksgiving. Sometimes, the best way to save can be right in your own backyard!

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