Here are the top 25 most expensive US cities for owning a home

Hawaii, California, and Washington, DC, reign as the most expensive places to put down roots.

That's according to a new study out from online loan broker LendingTree, which compiled data from 250,000 home loan requests between January and October of 2016. The study revealed the most expensive cities and states for mortgages based on average monthly loan payments and average total loan amounts.

The study revealed that Kentucky is the least expensive place to take out a mortgage, while DC tops the list. Hawaii unsurprisingly comes in second place as the priciest monthly payment.

But when it comes to cities, several small or midsize cities placed unexpectedly high on the list for most expensive mortgages and loan payments, like Bend, Oregon, and Butte-Bozeman, Montana. Syracuse, New York, was the cheapest city for taking out a mortgage.

Listed below are the top 25 most expensive cities for owning a home.

25 most expensive cities for owning a home
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25 most expensive cities for owning a home

25. Chico-Redding, California

Average monthly payment: $1,261.86

Average loan amount: $221,996.08


24. Portland, Oregon

Average monthly payment: $1,254.57

Average loan amount: $219,193.83

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23. West Palm Beach, Florida

Average monthly payment: $1,276.05

Average loan amount: $226,421.56

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22. Chicago, Illinois

Average monthly payment: $1,286.55

Average loan amount: $227,387.69

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21. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Average monthly payment: $1,310.04

Average loan amount: $230,961.95

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20. Palm Springs, California

Average monthly payment: $1,316.74

Average loan amount: $230,213.80

(moodboard via Getty Images)

19. Reno, Nevada

Average monthly payment: $1,318.76

Average loan amount: $232,477.04

(ddub3429 via Getty Images)

17. Austin, Texas

Average monthly payment: $1,349.52

Average loan amount: $240,598.30

(Peter Tsai Photography - via Getty Images)

16. Charlottesville, Virginia

Average monthly payment: $1,350.44

Average loan amount: $240,498.60

(Richard Cummins via Getty Images)

15. Salt Lake City, Utah 

Average monthly payment: $1,367.29

Average loan amount: $239,682.58

(Kenneth C. Zirkel via Getty Images)

14. Anchorage, Alaska

Average monthly payment: $1,396.31

Average loan amount: $248,060.82

(Blue Poppy via Getty Images)

13. Bend, Oregon

Average monthly payment: $1,402.07

Average loan amount: $248,563.18

(JamesBrey via Getty Images)

12. Baltimore, Maryland

Average monthly payment: $1,417.49

Average loan amount: $249,982.09

(Walter Bibikow via Getty Images)

11. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

Average monthly payment: $1,435.30

Average loan amount: $251,546.57

(Sankar Raman via Getty Images)

10. Denver, Colorado

Average monthly payment: $1,446.78

Average loan amount: $255,150.66

(0photoquest7 via Getty Images)

9. Sacramento, California

Average monthly payment: $1,507.10

Average loan amount: $262,301.49

(DenisTangneyJr via Getty Images)

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Average monthly payment: $1,512.51

Average loan amount: $269,947.16

(Jupiterimages via Getty Images)

7. New York, New York

Average monthly payment: $1,647.85

Average loan amount: $294,262.50

(a_Taiga via Getty Images)

6. Washington, DC

Average monthly payment: $1,666.29

Average loan amount: $295,209.97

(Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

5. Monterey-Salinas, California

Average monthly payment: $1,987.81

Average loan amount: $348,442.84

(Karen Desjardin via Getty Images)

4. Los Angeles, California

Average monthly payment: $2,013.66

Average loan amount: $352,598.46

(Marianna Massey via Getty Images)

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Average monthly payment: $2,054.95

Average loan amount: $354,883.21

(sorincolac via Getty Images)

2. San Diego, California 

Average monthly payment: $2,234.03

Average loan amount: $398,376.86

(Anna Bryukhanova via Getty Images)

1. San Francisco, California

Average monthly payment: $2,505.42

Average loan amount: $443,999.88

(Matteo Colombo via Getty Images)


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