Sanity (and Money!) Saving Tips for Holiday Travel

Traveling for the holidays can be expensive, and perhaps a bit stressful too. Fortunately, there are a few tips to help you fly this season without losing your money...or your mind.

First, if at all possible, avoid checking any bags. This season is one of the most hectic times to travel, and with airlines overbooking and passengers over-packing, you could fly in one direction while your bags go in another. Pack light , go carry-on only, and worry less about losing your luggage or your holiday presents.

Speaking of gifts, if you don't want to squeeze them into your suitcase or pay extra baggage fees to check them, consider buying presents online and shipping them ahead of time. Both UPS and FedEx offer insurance on your packages and minute-to-minute tracking information, which the airlines aren't required to do. As long as you time it so they'll be there when you arrive, all you have to do is wrap them up!

Lastly, when choosing your flight, try to pick one that departs in the morning. Earlier flights are more likely to leave on time, and even if you experience delays, you'll have a better chance of getting to where you want to go that day.

So while flying during the holidays isn't the most fun thing to do, with a little planning, you can minimize your spending...and your stress as well!

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