Twitter is rolling out a new feature that's about to make complaining so much easier

One of the best things about social media is its ability to connect people with one another almost instantaneously.

Twitter excels in this arena, especially when it comes to connecting people with celebrities, social influencers and major companies.

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And now the social media giant is rolling out a new feature that's about to make connecting consumers with companies even easier.

Twitter will begin rolling out customer service bots via its direct-messaging feature, with brands like Pizza Hut and Evernote already signing on to get in on the game.

When a consumer messages one of the brands that have the feature enacted, the user will receive an automated "Welcome" message that will then leave the user with a list of "quick replies" and pre-written messages that will expedite the process of a customer filing a complaint, asking a question or checking on the status of an order.

This way, instead of tweeting a thread-long rant on their page, customers can hopefully find a more efficient way to complain, compliment or enquire.

In a blog post, Twitter explained:

"These features are designed to help businesses create rich, responsive, full-service experiences that directly advance the work of customer service teams and open up new possibilities for how people engage with businesses on Twitter."

Now if only we could order that pizza via a direct message bot!

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