Study finds parents actually have no clue what their kids do for a living

Hey Mom and Dad -- you're totally busted!

A recent study by LinkedIn revealed that one-third of parents have no clue what their kid actually does for a living, and given the changing tech and media landscape, that shouldn't come as a big surprise.

UX/UI? Parents have no clue

Perhaps parents aren't totally confident in what their child does because a major generational gap in lingo.

Almost half of parents (46 percent) are baffled by the buzzwords their kids use when talking about their job, and 15 percent confess to not even knowing their childrens' job titles. But can you really blame them? Salesperson is a lot more straightforward, than the startup job titles of today -- like "iOS Ninja," for example.

Jobs parents misunderstand the most
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Jobs parents misunderstand the most

10.  Fashion designer (57%)

(Betsie Van Der Meer via Getty Images)

9.     Software developer (58%)

(Kirbyphoto via Getty Images)

8.     Investment banker (59%)

(Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images)

7.     Sociologist (60%)

(FogStock/Erik Palmer via Getty Images)

6.     Radio producer (62%)

(DragonImages via Getty Images)

5.     Sub editor (66%)

(FrankieMea via Getty Images)

4.     Social media manager (67%)


3.     Data scientist (72%)

(shironosov via Getty Images)

2.     Actuary (73%)

(Drazen_ via Getty Images)

1.     UI designer (80%)

(T.T. via Getty Images)


They're still proud, though

Even though one in five say they wouldn't cut it if they had to do their child's job and more than 20 percent of parents feel their advice is no longer valid in today's working world, professionals credit their folks for passing on some of the most important professional skills such as problem solving, leadership, creative thinking, perseverance and integrity.

And although 80 percent are extremely proud of their kids' accomplishments, just under half of parents can't remember the last time they told their child they were proud of them.

Looks like a phone call is in order!

The 10 skills in demand around the world
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The 10 skills in demand around the world

10. Storage Systems and Management

REUTERS/Sigtryggur Ari

9. SEO/SEM Marketing

(Adam Gault via Getty Images)

8. Data Presentation

(Jamie Grill via Getty Images)

7. Mobile Development

(ronstik via Getty Images)

6. Network and Information Security

(LHJB Photography via Getty Images)

5. User Interface Design

(Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

4. Middleware and Integration Software

3. Web Architecture and Development Framework

(Ali Kerem Yücel via Getty Images)
2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Bring your parents to work

For generations, professionals have had designated days to bring their daughters, then sons, to the office to offer a glimpse at their work lives -- but LinkedIn is flipping the switch this year with a new initiative called "Bring in Your Parents Day," a cheeky twist on the classic day to bridge the generational gap between professionals and their parents.

Worldwide in the month of November, LinkedIn offices and hundreds of young companies like Asos and Dogfish Head Brewery are opening their doors to their employees' parents and giving them a behind-the-scenes look at their offsprings' 9 to 5.

Will you be bringing your parents to work this month? Or do you want to know more about what your kid does for a living? Sound off in the comments.

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