The most and least expensive cities to bring in 2017

New Year's Eve is a popular time to travel — but it's not always the cheapest time to travel.

During the Christmas and New Year's holiday, the number of long-distance trips increases by 23 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Although this might be good news for hotels and airlines, it's bad news for your wallet.

Popularity often implies increased demand, which frequently drives tourism prices up. So if you want to save money when visiting some of the world's most popular New Year's Eve party destinations, you'll need to figure out how much your trip will really cost you — and how to find New Year's Eve deals in the city. made researching price points easier for you. We looked at 32 of the hottest places to visit during the New Year's Eve holiday, and compared airfare, lodging and daily expenses to determine the best cities to visit in and outside the U.S.

Click through to find out which New Year's Eve destination is the most budget-friendly, starting with the ones that are harder on your wallet:

The most and least expensive cities to bring in 2017
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The most and least expensive cities to bring in 2017

32. Reykjavik, Iceland

With tons of glaciers and volcanoes, Reykjavik is definitely one of the most exotic destinations for a New Year's Eve party and vacation. But unfortunately, experiencing Iceland’s sights could cost you a good amount of money.

Unless you know how to score New Year's Eve hotel deals, accommodations in Reykjavik are going to cost you. The city suffers from the second-highest cost-per-night rate on our list. On top of that, Reykjavik accommodation prices have jumped 33 percent compared to New Year’s Eve 2015, according to data provided to GOBankingRates.

Flights to Reykjavik are the most expensive out of all the European cities on our list, with the city posting the fifth-worst flight score overall. Food and drinks are costly, as well — the city ranks No. 1 for the most expensive mid-range restaurant price for two. And, it has the priciest domestic beer.

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31. Sydney

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Sydney isn't cheap. The Australian city has the fourth-worst hotel score in our study and ranks No. 1 for the worst flight score. In fact, the cheapest flight from Atlanta costs close to $2,500. And, the cheapest from Los Angeles is around $1,300, found GOBankingRates.

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30. Honolulu

Costing close to $200 per night based on the cheapest available rates, Honolulu falls hard with the worst hotel score. And according to, prices for New Year's Eve accommodations have gone up 13 percent from last year.

Getting around Honolulu could be expensive, as well. For example, the city ranked second in our study for the highest taxi fare. So to get best deals on your Hawaiian vacation, apply these insider tips.

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29. Amsterdam

New Year's Eve hotel prices in Amsterdam have also experienced double-digit increases, according to The city has the sixth-highest hotel cost per night and falls behind only Reykjavik for having the most expensive rates out of the European destinations on our list.

Since you’re traveling to Europe, airfare is going to be a major expense during the holidays. In fact, Amsterdam came up with one of the worst flight scores on our list. Still, it offers cheaper flights than Edinburgh, Berlin and Reykjavik. 

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28. London

London frequently ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and many of our study findings support this. Everyday costs such as meals, drinks and taxis are high. In fact, London has the most expensive average taxi fare per mile, as well as the costliest "inexpensive" meal — as ironic as that might sound.

But, if you’re willing to stay at hostels during your New Year's Eve trip, cheap accommodations can be found in London. The city boasts the third-lowest lodging cost at around $21 per night, on average.

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27. Miami

New Year’s Eve hotel prices rose 14 percent in Miami from last year, according to And by our calculations, Miami has the eighth-worst hotel score. Meals and drinks aren’t that cheap, either.

Although Miami is a domestic destination, airfare runs high around New Year’s Eve. Miami has the second-worst flight score of all the U.S. destinations on our list, behind only Honolulu.

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26. Paris

Thanks to affordable hostel prices, Paris has the sixth-cheapest hotel costs during the New Year’s holiday. Plus, accommodation prices for New Year's Eve 2016 have actually dropped 18 percent from 2015, according to

You’ll have to shell out some extra money to enjoy the food and drink Paris has to offer, however. But although flying to Paris is expensive, it’s actually cheaper than four other popular European cities on our list. 

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25. Stockholm

With an average hotel cost per night of $51 during New Year's Eve, Stockholm is cheaper than the average hotel cost of all the cities on our list. When it comes to airfare, the city stands out as well; Stockholm has the best flight score out of the European destinations on our list.

But your wallet might take a hit at restaurants and when ordering domestic beer in Stockholm. A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant averages $81.71 in Stockholm, the third-most expensive cost on our list. You'll also face the second-most expensive domestic beer prices out of the 32 cities on our list. 

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24. New York

Who wouldn't want to go to a New Year's Eve party in New York City? Probably not frugal people.

The Big Apple rarely ranks as a cheap city to visit — no matter what time of the year it is. And across the board, New York posts high prices that could run up the cost of your New Year’s Eve trip.

Finding affordable hotels in New York can be especially tough, as the city ranks seventh for the most expensive hotel rate per night. Eating out in the city — whether at an inexpensive or a mid-range restaurant — is more expensive than the majority of places on our list. And to top it off, New York ties with two other cities for the fourth-most expensive domestic beer. 

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23. Edinburgh, Scotland

You might have a tough time getting a hotel in Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve. Ninety-nine percent of accommodations have already been reserved for the holiday, according to's data.

Even if you do find an available room, it won't be cheap. Edinburgh has the third-most expensive hotel rate per night out of all the European cities on our list, behind Amsterdam and Reykjavik.

Although restaurants in Edinburgh cost more than in most destinations, the city actually boasts a better food and drink score than four other European cities. But airfare will be a major budget-killer. Flights to Edinburgh are among the most expensive on our list.

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22. Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is one of the few listed destinations where New Year's Eve accommodation prices have actually gone down (5 percent) since 2015, found Despite that, this tropical city comes in with the No. 3 most expensive hotel cost per night.

With such high hotel prices, look for New Year's Eve hotel packages to potentially save money. For example, by taking advantage of seasonal sales at a hotel like Breezes Resort & Spa — Bahamas, travelers can save as much as 40 percent on vacations now through Dec. 31, with no blackout dates, said Jil Krusemann, account executive at the travel agency Spring O'Brien and Co.

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21. San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t too bad when it comes to airfare, being that it is a common domestic destination. But there are plenty of other ways the city can eat up your vacation funds.

Out of the U.S. cities on our list, San Francisco has the fifth-highest cost for New Year's Eve hotels. With such high hotel prices, it might be worth it to look outside the city for affordable lodging.

"Consider a stay in beautiful Marin County — or the East Bay, Berkeley and Oakland area — to pay less and get a different experience," said Clem Bason, CEO of

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20. Vienna

A New Year's Eve celebration and a trip to Vienna can be affordable. For one, this Austrian city boasts a better flight score than the majority of other European destinations on our list.

In even better news, Vienna accommodation prices around New Year’s Eve have only increased slightly (2 percent) from last year, according to With an average cost of $37 per night, Vienna has one of the cheapest hotel rates during the New Year's Eve holiday.

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19. Berlin

Besides high airfare, visiting Berlin for New Year’s Eve can be an affordable endeavor. For starters, Berlin has the fifth-cheapest hotel cost per night, averaging $25.67. Although cab fare in Germany's capital is on the pricier side, its restaurant prices are among the most affordable on our list.

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18. Chicago

Flying to Chicago for New Year's Eve is relatively cheap compared to the 31 other destinations on our list. It boasts the third-best flight score.

Although New Year's Eve hotel rates might not be as cheap as they are in Dallas or St. Louis, Chicago's prices beat other major U.S. cities, including San Francisco and New York.

Cab fare in Chicago is cheap compared with other U.S. cities on our list, so getting to your New Year's Eve party shouldn't be too expensive. But watch your wallet when eating out and bar hopping — the city has high restaurant and beer prices. 

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17. Las Vegas

Can't decide where to go for New Year's Eve? Las Vegas is often a popular and relatively affordable choice.

Restaurant and domestic beer prices in Las Vegas are just around the average of our 32 destinations. But taxis cost more in Las Vegas, on average, than in the vast majority of other popular New Year's Eve destinations. Fortunately, airfare around New Year’s Eve isn’t a financial roadblock — Vegas boasts the best flight score overall.

In order to save money on your hotel and transportation in Las Vegas, stay off the Strip, said Bason. You'll generally pay less for off-Strip prices, while booking a limo for the night in advance could be a fun and affordable way to get around, he said. Also, search the web for Las Vegas New Year's Eve packages.

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16. Cape Town, South Africa

Where airfare is Las Vegas’ strong selling point, flight costs hurt Cape Town’s chances of ranking higher in our study. Besides having the third-worst flight score, the South African city also suffers from the fifth-highest New Year's Eve hotel costs.

With that said, Cape Town does offer some perks for your wallet during the holiday. Across the board, food, drink and taxi costs are all among the cheapest compared to other destinations.

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15. Rio de Janeiro

Like Cape Town, high airfare during New Year's Eve hurts Rio de Janeiro's chances of ranking higher. But, it boasts cheap costs elsewhere.

For example, taxi fares and restaurants in Rio are cheaper than in other destinations. It ranks No. 4 for the best food, drink and cab score.

In terms of New Year's Eve accommodations, Rio de Janeiro hotel prices fell 6 percent from 2015, according to And, Rio takes home the fourth-best hotel score out of the 32 places on our list.

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14. Portland, Ore.

Although a popular place to live and visit, Portland isn’t the cheapest place to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2016. Still, it’s not one of the most expensive.

The city has a flight score that’s among the top 10 best. Accommodations average just under $70 per night, but that is a far cry from the cost of a hotel in New York or Honolulu during the holiday. A trip to Portland is also better on your wallet than fellow West Coast destination, San Francisco. 

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13. San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you had to choose between celebrating New Year's Eve in Nassau or San Juan, choose San Juan. It's more affordable, especially when it comes to airfare and hotels. And the cheap cost of drinks — domestic beers only cost $2, on average — helps San Juan earn the eighth-best food, drink and cab score.

Still, although hotels are cheaper than the other Caribbean destination on our list, San Juan's New Year's Eve hotel rates are among the highest. Plus, accommodation prices increased year-over-year, rising 17 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to

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12. Orlando, Fla.

If you're planning to visit Orlando for New Year's Eve, airfare shouldn't be too hard on your wallet. The city has one of the best flight scores, beating eight other American cities in this category. found hotel accommodation prices barely budged from New Year's 2015 to New Year's 2016. Costing a little over $60 per night for a room, on average, Orlando hotel prices around New Year's Eve are cheaper-than-average, as are the city's food, drink and taxi prices.

But snag those New Year's Eve hotel deals when you see them. Rooms are filling up fast — 84 percent of available listings are already booked, according to data.

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11. New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the cheaper destinations to fly to for New Year’s Eve. However, it's one of the more expensive U.S. cities for hotel rates, behind only New York, Miami and Honolulu with the highest cost per night.

Luckily, New Orleans offers plenty of affordable New Year's Eve events. Justin Fauth, director of concierge services for Pelican New Orleans, singled out a couple, including the JAX Brewery Ball Drop and the Crescent City Countdown.

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10. Nashville, Tenn.

New Year's Eve accommodation prices in Nashville only increased 2 percent from last year, but already more than half of available listings on are reserved. Still, Nashville beats 10 other American cities with its hotel score.

But don't let Nashville's affordable New Year's Eve hotel rates lull you until complacency.

"I’ve watched hotel rates go through the roof, in general, in Nashville over the past five years, as the city has exploded in popularity," said Bason. "If you’re really looking to save, consider staying in Franklin or Murfreesboro and commuting in for the festivities."

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9. Atlanta

Atlanta might offer better rates on New Year's Eve hotel rooms than a handful of U.S. cities. But, overall, the cost per night is on the pricier side compared to other New Year's Eve destination on our list.

To find some of the best New Year's Eve hotel deals, use Priceline and Hotwire when searching for rates in Atlanta, said Bason. And if you want to find cheap, fun things to do, it really depends on where your heart lies.

"For the sports fan, New Year’s Eve in Atlanta means one thing: The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, one of the biggest college sporting events of the year," said Roland Alonzi, a tourism public relations expert and senior account supervisor at the Dalton Agency.

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8. Dallas

The first of two Texas cities to make our list, Dallas took No. 8 thanks to affordable New Year's Eve airfare and hotel prices.

The city sports the second-best flight score, behind only Las Vegas, with the cheapest flights available costing just under $200. Add to that the second-cheapest hotel costs among the U.S. destinations, and Dallas is one of the best affordable cities to visit for New Year's Eve.

When booking New Year's Eve hotel deals, again, use Hotwire and Priceline to check nightly rates, said Bason.

"'Opaque' rates on these sites can save you up to 60 percent if you’re willing to not know the name of the hotel before you book," he said. "Hotwire and Priceline tend to have the best deals in big cities with tons of big, name-brand hotels."

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7. Austin, Texas

Starting hotel prices during New Year's Eve in Austin average about $59 per night. And accommodation prices rose a modest 2 percent from 2015 to 2016, found

Plus, the reserved rate is only 26 percent, so demand doesn't seem to be that high — which means you can likely score a New Year's Eve hotel deal. You could potentially save even more money, however, on accommodations by broadening your options.

"Don’t limit yourself to hotels," said Bason. "Make sure to check Airbnb and HomeAway, especially if you’re going with a group ... Shopping all the options ultimately means paying less for more."

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6. St. Louis

St. Louis could be becoming a hot New Year's Eve destination. According to data, accommodation prices grew 28 percent from 2015 to New Year's 2016. And, almost half of the site's available listings have been reserved already.

The rising cost of hotel rooms per night could explain why the city falls behind Dallas and Memphis in offering the cheapest rates in the U.S. Still, hotels in St. Louis beat out 12 other domestic destinations.

Outside of accommodations, St. Louis performs quite well as a tourist spot to save you money. The city holds a better-than-average food and drink score, as well as the sixth-best flight score.

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5. Hong Kong

As with other Southeast Asian destinations, Hong Kong is generally a boon to visitors in terms of everyday expenses. But hotels, food and drink costs are the areas where Hong Kong can really help your spending budget.

The city has one of the best New Year's Eve hotel scores. Accommodation prices for Hong Kong dropped 7 percent from last year, according to And, many lodging options are still available — only 33 percent of listings having been reserved.

To top it off, Hong Kong posts the fifth-best food, drink and cab score, thanks mainly to some of the cheapest prices on taxis and restaurant meals.

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4. Niagara Falls

Fortunately, Niagara Falls is one of the most affordable landmarks to visit for New Year's Eve.

Starting hotel rates are competitive. Niagara Falls has the best hotel score out of all North American destinations on our list. Restaurant prices are also quite affordable.

"I like this one because it’s your only Canadian pick," said Bason. "And right now, for everyone living in the U.S., Canada feels like it’s 'on sale' given a favorable exchange rate."

3. Memphis

Memphis definitely has a better flight score than most destinations. Yet, at the same time, 10 other U.S. cities beat it on airfare.

Fortunately, New Year's Eve accommodation prices in Memphis dropped 9 percent from last year, according to In addition, only 30 percent of available listings on for New Year's 2016 have been reserved, meaning there's still plenty of room.

And just for good measure, Memphis also boasts the cheapest taxi fare, as well as the best food and drink score out of all U.S. cities on the list.

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2. Istanbul

This Turkish city has seen a relatively big dip in hotel prices — 15 percent — over New Year’s Eve from 2015 to 2016, according to Not coincidentally, Istanbul sports the second-cheapest hotel price, costing an average of $11 per night.

It’s true that flights to Istanbul are more expensive than most New Year's Eve destinations, but airfare is still better than 11 other international destinations and Honolulu, as well. Plus, daily costs are pretty low: Istanbul ranks as the No. 2 cheapest destination for taxi fare, as well as for restaurant meals. 

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1. Bangkok

For New Year’s Eve 2016, Bangkok takes the No. 1 spot of the most affordable places to travel. Though flying halfway across the world is costly, once you reach Bangkok, you’ll find many perks for your vacation budget.

Costing an average of $6.67 per night, New Year's Eve hotels in Bangkok are the cheapest of all 32 destinations. And when it comes to daily expenses, Bangkok continues to shine: It has the cheapest taxis, cheapest "inexpensive" and mid-range restaurant meals, and the cheapest drinks.

Be warned, though: Don't procrastinate booking your flight this New Year's Eve.

"It is doubtful that last-minute airfare deals will be available," said Elizabeth Avery, founder of the travel website "Even booking months ahead for Southeast Asia, I saw a round-trip economy fare go up about $400 overnight."'

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