Chick-fil-A has a new ad to hook millennial moms — and some dads are offended

Chick-fil-A has released a new ad targeting millennial moms with young kids.

The ad, titled "Crazy Mom Morning," shows video footage of several mothers during their chaotic morning routines getting children up, dressed, and fed.

The women narrate parts of the ad — which is punctuated by sounds of screaming children and barking dogs — by talking about the difficult and rewarding parts of raising children. Dads are suspiciously absent from the story.

Then Chick-fil-A sends a man wearing white gloves and suit to each woman's house to help them by doing laundry, taking care of their kids, and serving them breakfast. He does it all, like a superhero coming to save the day.

It's an ode to busy moms, which many customers have applauded.

"Thank you for recognizing what moms do!!" Jaime Harder wrote on Chick-fil-A's Facebook page.

"This just adds another reason why I absolutely love this company," another fan wrote.

But it has offended some people because there are no fathers present in the ad.

"Good thing to know that dads who watch their children in the morning don't have busy or crazy mornings... Stereotyping dads as never around, way to go CFA," Kevin Shoffner wrote in response to the ad.

"Yeah because moms are the only ones that do this. Dads never do this stuff (sarcasm intended)," Jason Johnsonwrote.

Neil Newman wrote: "Hello..... Just dropping a line to let you know some of us stay-at-home dads love you guys too!"

The ad begins with rowdy kids waking their moms up.


The moms are shown running around their houses, brushing kids' teeth and hair, cleaning up spills, and making breakfast.


"It is nonstop action," one mom says. "I think every mom out there knows what I'm talking about."


Then, a man dressed in a suit with white gloves appears at their doors with Chick-fil-A breakfast and introduces himself as Gavin.


The moms act totally shocked to see him there.


"Every morning you do an unbelievable job getting all your family up and organized and out of the house on time," Gavin says. "So today I thought I would give you a little surprise, and I'm going to give you a hand."


Gavin asks the various women what needs to be done in the home.


Then he gets to work playing with the kids, packing lunches, doing laundry, and cleaning.


He even feeds the dog.


In the meantime, the moms get to relax and eat Chick-fil-A breakfast.


"This mom thing is hard," one mom says. "There's no life instruction book. But it's awesome. It's worth it."


The ad closes with this message from Chick-fil-A: "Moms: We may make chicken for breakfast, but you make mornings happen."


Watch the full ad below.

We reached out to Chick-fil-A to see if the company had anything to say about the backlash from dads, but we have yet to hear back.

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