Taco Bell's new restaurants are unrecognizable

Taco Bell has redesigned some of its restaurants.

The company rolled out four new store models — "modern explorer," "California sol," "heritage" and "urban edge" — and they look nothing like the fast-food chain we know.

The four new restaurants, which recently debuted in Orange County, California, are all pretty similar to one another. The chain plans to roll out the new designs nationally.

They feature open kitchens and lounge seating areas with rustic wood and metal finishes, as well as fancy lighting fixtures and chandeliers that look like they came from Restoration Hardware.

Take a look at each new design in the slideshow below:

Taco Bell new restaurant design
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Taco Bell new restaurant design
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Photo credit: Taco Bell

Modern Explorer 

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California Sol 

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Urban Edge

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Here's how the company describes each model:

Heritage: "Inspired by its culinary roots in Mexican-inspired food with a twist, this style is a modern interpretation of TacoBell's original Mission Revival style characterized by warm white walls with classic materials in the tile and heavy timbers. "

Taco BellModern explorer: "This rustic modern style is a refined version of the brand's Cantina Explorer restaurants and can easily fit into a suburban or rural environment. Inspired by the farms that make our food, this style reinforces TacoBell's commitment to the best ingredients, authenticity and transparency of materials and dining preparation.

Taco BellCalifornia sol: "Inspired by TacoBell's California roots and the California lifestyle, this design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor. It's a celebration of dining al fresco and embraces a laid-back beachy feel both inside and out."

Taco Bell Urban edge: "This design represents an eclectic mix of international and street style done the Taco Bell way. This style is inspired by timeless design married with cutting-edge elements of the urban environment."

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