This state just ruled Uber drivers qualify as employees -- here's what that could mean for the company's future

The subject surrounding benefits and regulations around drivers for popular transportation services and ride-sharing apps is one that's controversial and often debated.

This is largely due to the fact that drivers for these companies are independent contractors, which means that they are ineligible for benefits that full-time salaried workers are entitled to.

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Uber is often at the forefront of this discussion, as it's the largest and most highly valued companies in its category – It's estimated value is a soaring $66B.

And it looks like the company is about to make headway again, thanks to a new ruling by New York State regulators.

The state has concluded that, in the case of two former Uber drivers in the state, that Uber drivers are eligible to collect unemployment payments.

Though this is an isolated ruling, it could pave the way for other former employees to claim the same, ultimately leading to a discussion and case company-wide as to whether Uber drivers are truly contracted workers or need to be treated as regulated, full-time employees.

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How much Uber drivers make in different cities
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How much Uber drivers make in different cities

1) New York City: $29.34 per ride

(Patrick Batchelder / Alamy)

2) Pittsburgh: $14.84 per ride

(Getty Images/Brand X)

3) San Francisco: $14.65 per ride

(Shutterstock / Stefanie Schoenebein)

4) Phoenix: $14.36 per ride


5) Miami: $14.38 per ride


6) Salt Lake City: $13.86 per ride

(Getty Images)

7) Austin: $13.67 per ride

(Getty Images)

8) Seattle: $13.17 per ride

(Shutterstock / Jeffrey T. Kreulen)

9) Cleveland: $13.02 per ride

(Henryk Sadura)

10) Atlanta: $12.93 per ride

(Getty Images)

11) Boston: $12.80 per ride

(Getty Images)

12) San Diego: $12.60 per ride

(Getty Images/Imagebroker)

13) Baltimore: $12.21 per ride

(Getty Images)

14) Washington: $12.17 per ride

(Getty Images)

15) Denver: $11.70 per ride

(Chris Rogers)


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