LinkedIn Next Wave names the 'top 100 professionals' 35 and under

LinkedIn released on Tuesday its annual Next Wave list of game-changing professionals from finance to entertainment and everywhere inbetween -- and the honorees all have a few things in common.

The list, which celebrates the companies and people making a sizable impact on the business world, is driven by LinkedIn data based on interactions, activity and editorial insights.

For those hoping to nab a spot next year, note that honorees all value sustainability and maintain a strong network -- 25 times more connections than the average LinkedIn user.

Plus, 63 percent of honorees don't have an Ivy League education and 60 percent didn't attend graduate school.

Click through to see seven game-changing Next Wavers and see here for the full list:

LinkedIn Next Wave honorees
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LinkedIn Next Wave honorees
Entertainment: Daveed Diggs, the Hamilton star’s electrifying performances earned him a Tony Award, and he’s continued to create his own space at the intersection of art forms and identities. Now that Diggs has left the mega-hit musical, his projects are equally varied, from a run on ABC’s “Black-ish” to a workshop for those looking to bridge theater and hip-hop
Social Impact: Emily Millerfounded Rumi Spice, an economic partnership that sources high-quality saffron directly from rural Afghan farmers. Rumi Spice’s attention to quality has attracted the endorsement of world-class chefs like Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert
Food & Leisure: Nick Halla, the director of strategy and one of the first hires at Impossible Foods, the company that managed to make a plant-based burger that "bleeds"


Fashion/Retail: Michael Preysman, Everlane founder and VC veteran turning the traditional retail model on its head, shunning the standard brick-and-mortar model, spending minimally on advertising, and — more stunningly — revealing exactly how much each garment costs to make

 Marketing and Advertising: Elias Friedman, creator of The Dogist, with 2.2 million Instagram followers, who helped inaugurate a new genre of lucrative dog marketing, attracting big-name sponsors like Google, Uber and Purina
Media: Jessica Groseeditor-in-chief of Lenny Letter, who Lena Dunham and her creative partner Jenni Konner relied on to come up with the format and structure of Lenny


Technology: Yasmin Green, the head of research and development at Jigsaw, a think tank at Google tasked with tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges — from censorship and online harassment to digital attacks and violent extremism


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