Always get free airport Wi-Fi with these simple tricks

Getting airport Wi-Fi can be quite tricky. It might be paid, hidden behind a password or hard to find.

Thanks to travel blog FoxNomad, we have a couple of great resources to make sure you can always get on the internet no matter what. I'm going to run you through them.

Check Foursquare tips

You should have already downloaded Foursquare when you're traveling, and it specifically serves a great purpose at airports.

If you take a look at the tips for the airport you're currently at, it should be easy to find people sharing passwords — otherwise, press the 'Wi-Fi' filter to only see those tips.

Use the Airport Wi-Fi password map

The following map is a crowdsourced project showing Wi-Fi passwords for airports around the world. Sometimes the access point listed is an airline lounge, or it might be a bar — but they'll always have free Wi-Fi.

Find the map below or click here for the full-size version.

If you happen to stumble upon an airport you've visited on the map and notice that its Wi-Fi password is missing, you add to the map by adding a comment to this post. There's also a (paid) app available for iOS and Android.

Use the WiFi Map app

This is possibly the biggest collection of public Wi-Fi passwords you'll be able to find, and best of all, it's compiled in a free app. It's not specially designed for airports, but you might still be able to snag access to a network with it.

Download it for iOS or Android.

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items to avoid buying at the airport
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items to avoid buying at the airport
Wireless internet is often a necessity in order to keep in contact with your loved ones. Before you make the decision to purchase it at an airport, however, check to see if there is a local Starbucks or coffee shop where Wi-Fi will more than likely be free to use. 
If you're looking for a last-minute gift then purchasing a souvenir from a shop inside the airport may be necessary. If you are able to stop beforehand, you may want to avoid buying a gift from the airport. Oftentimes, airports will increase the price of souvenirs that can probably be found somewhere else for a more reasonable price. 
Bottled Water 
You may not realize it, but on average, bottled waters inside airports are about three dollars. You can avoid this trap, however, by purchasing a reusable water bottle or even emptying your water bottle before you go through the security checkpoint and refilling at a fountain once you get inside. 
Neck Pillow
This is a common item that can be purchased online. If you aren't able to, however, buy one before you get to the airport to avoid paying double the market price for one. 
Much like many of the other items on this list, snacks are extremely overpriced in airports. The best deal is to buy snacks in bulk and bring a few with you to last throughout your flight.
Reading a book is a perfect way to pass time while waiting for your flight -- but if you purchase a book at the airport, don't be surprised if it happens to be 40 to 50 percent higher than what it would be in a bookstore. 

Be smart

What if the only option you can find is paid Wi-Fi? There are a couple of other tricks you can try, like this quick and dirty one.

Just add /?.jpg to the end of a URL, so it looks like this:

This way you're spoofing the system into thinking that you're loading an image (which sometimes aren't blocked), while you're actually not.

However, it's a fairly old trick that might be patched on the network you're on. If that's the case, check out this more in-depth guide to get a hold of that internet connection you so desperately need.

Now check out the best money-saving online shopping hacks:

Money-saving online shopping hacks
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Money-saving online shopping hacks

1. Clear your browser history

Some retailers might sneakily increase prices based on your browsing patterns and demand - so make sure to always clear your history and cookies before shopping! 

Photo credit: Shutterstock

2. Use an alternate email address

When you log in to a retailer's site with a new email address, retailers will often welcome you as a new customer with exciting new promotions and discounts. 

Photo credit: Shutterstock

3. Note price changes throughout the week

Another pro tip: Prices and deals can fluctuate based on the day of the week. For instance, if you're purchasing a flight, monitor prices for around a week to see if they take a dip on any particular day before purchasing. 

Photo credit: Shutterstock

4. Let items linger in your cart

Here's a hack: Add items to your cart, but let them sit for 24 hours before purchasing. The retailer might attempt to lure you back with additional discounts.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

5. Check out multiple sites

Do some research! Don't settle for the first price you see - poke around on a search engine and find the best deal. 

Photo credit: Shutterstock

6. Bargain with customer service

Use customer service to your advantage. If you ask (politely!) about an expired coupon, you'll often find yourself pleasantly surprised by an extension or new code! 

Photo credit: Shutterstock

7. Don't purchase impulsively

Try this shopping hack - don't buy that shiny, new toy right away. Step away for a few hours, and if you find yourself itching to go back and click 'purchase', then you know you won't regret your investment!

Photo credit: FogStock

8. Avoid shipping fees

Take advantage of free shipping! If you are a few dollars below the free shipping price point, add a low-cost filler item you need anyway (like socks!) and make the math work out in your favor. 

Photo credit: Alamy


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