Land the gig: They're just not that into you

Warning signs -- you've been told which ones to look for on a date: the classic "text from the roommate," the quick goodbye outside the restaurant. But what about a job interview or a presentation?

It can actually be easy to tell if your interviewer isn't into you.

First, if the person you had planned to meet suddenly isn't available and another employee at the company steps in, it means they're not serious about the interview.

Same goes for if it appears that it's the first time they've read your resumé. If they are truly interested, they would read through your experience before sitting down to chat.

Oftentimes, you can even tell if the interviewer isn't really listening when they ask questions you already answered during the interview. If they're engaged, they'll ask you follow-up questions instead of generic or common questions like "What are your weaknesses?" and "How did you hear about this position?"

How to tell if they're just not that into you:

Land the gig: They're just not that into you
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Land the gig: They're just not that into you

One of the biggest red flags is if they say they're interviewing lots of other candidates for the position.

Is the interviewer constantly looking at the clock? That's another clue they're not taking you seriously. Same goes for a brief interview, no mention of salary and no discussion of next steps.

If you find yourself with an un-engaged interviewer, there are steps you can take to salvage an interview gone south.

You can try asking the interviewer intelligent questions and lean in to seem engaged yourself -- but at the end of the day, it's probably for the best. Do you really want to work at a place that doesn't like you?

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