The 'one' question Goldman Sachs is asking its employees about race

The conversation around race in the workplace is necessary but can be tricky to navigate.

Edith Cooper, Global Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs, is trying to change that in her company.

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She wrote on LinkedIn:

"Ultimately, our experience at work is a collection of interactions with the people around us. When those interactions are stimulating and challenging and take place in an environment of inclusivity and collaboration, you have a better experience and, in turn, you perform better...because as a result of those varied inputs and insights, you are better."

That's why Cooper is posing a question to employees and the Goldman community to get them thinking about how race and racially charged issues are affecting them even if they feel degrees removed from certain situations and current events.

So what's she asking employees to think about?

It's simple:

"How do the recent events affecting us as people, in turn, affect our interactions at work?"

According to Cooper, there are three important things to note when it comes to having conversations about race in the workplace.

People must choose to engage in the dialogue to begin with, speak deliberately and carefully, and leverage commonalities in situations and relationships that seem to be primarily categorized by differences.

Bottom line?

Provoke conversation – nothing will change if a conversation never begins.

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