13 chains offering freebies and deals for National Coffee Day

Coffee gives you a morning energy jolt, helps you break out of your afternoon slump and serves as a delicious after dinner drink, so it's only right that National Coffee Day is a thing. This holiday falls on Sept. 29, and while its background history is largely unclear, you really don't need a reason to drink a cup of coffee.

This National Coffee Day, many coffee shops, restaurants and retailers will offer everything from coffee discounts to a free cup of joe, so don't miss your chance to save some money.

Get a Free Cup of Coffee and More on National Coffee Day

Use these coffee deals to score discounts on National Coffee Day.

Caribou Coffee: For every cup of Amy's Blend Coffee purchased on National Coffee Day, Caribou Coffee will donate a cup of coffee to caregivers at support centers and hospitals throughout the country.
Coffee.org: Enter code COFFEE10 at checkout to take 10 percent off your entire purchase through Sept. 30.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Buy a Lieto Machine online and get a free milk frother when you enter code FROTHER at checkout through Sept. 30.
Coffee Beanery: Save 15 percent sitewide through Jan. 16, 2017 with code BDAY2016.
CoffeeForLess.com: Take 5 percent off any purchase with code CFL5OFF through Sept. 30.
Cumberland Farms: Text the word FREECOFFEE to 64827 and you will receive a mobile coupon for a free Farmhouse Blend or Bold coffee, hot or iced, in any size valid on National Coffee Day.
Dairy Queen: Get a small iced coffee for $1, an Ultimate Frappe for $2 or a Premium Fruit Smoothie for $2 Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for happy hour at participating locations — no coupon code required.
Gevalia: Take $2 off Gevalia Pumpkin Spice Regular Ground Coffee with code PUMPKIN through Sept. 30.
Keurig: Save $2 off one item through Sept. 30 with code GMCSAVE2 — certain exclusions apply.
Peet's Coffee: Get a $5 Amazon gift card when you spend at least $2 with your registered Visa card through Dec. 31.
Seattle's Best Coffee: Save $1.25 off one 12-ounce or 20-ounce bag of Seattle's Best Coffee when you present this coupon at your supermarket through Oct. 9.
Starbucks: Take 5 percent off your online order through Oct. 1 with coupon code 5OFFSEPT16.
Steak 'n Shake: Present this coupon to receive a free regular coffee with the purchase of any regular-priced breakfast at participating locations through Oct. 23.
Swiss Farms: Get any size or style coffee for free on Sept. 29 and try their new breakfast sandwiches for just $2.

RELATED: Strangely delicious things to add to your coffee:

Strangely delicious things to add to your coffee
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Strangely delicious things to add to your coffee

Butter in coffee is actually becoming a very popular trend, among celebrities like Shailene Woodley and college students alike. The mixture, termed "Bulletproof Coffee," is made by blending together coffee with a pat of butter and some coconut oil.

The nutritional benefits behind this seemingly odd drink include improved work performance, higher and prolonged energy levels, and weight loss. Use grass-fed butter, which is a heart-healthy superfood rich in antioxidants and body fat-burning vitamins. Who said butter wasn't good for you?

No, I don't mean sugar. Some people claim that adding sugar to coffee decreases its bitterness (we're looking at you, dining hall coffee). If you make your own coffee at home, try adding it to your coffee grounds before brewing, or to your cold brew to really maximize the flavor.
Make your morning coffee exotic by adding this Middle Eastern spice to your cup, which also acts as a neutralizer for the effects of caffeine. If you're one of those people who gets the jitters from coffee, I'm talking to you. Cardamom was also commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to lift spirits, reduce pain, and induce a calm state of mind. As a bonus, it can also help stimulate your appetite and settle your stomach. This might just be the miracle spice you've been dreaming of.
And you thought the butter was weird. Scandanavian egg coffee is a traditional drink in parts of Scandinavia, Norway, and even the American Midwest. It's made by mixing a whole raw egg into coffee grounds, then boiling it in water. It results in a separation of the coffee grounds and the water, free of sediment or cloudiness. Straining it results in an amber-colored coffee that is only mildly bitter and that still contains the essential oils from the coffee beans. It's definitely an experiment worth trying.
Ice Cream
Because why not? I can personally say that ice cream is probably the greatest addition to coffee that's ever happened. It's the perfect substitute for cream and sugar, making your coffee that much sweeter and easier to drink if you actually hate coffee, but drink it anyway to stay awake. If your college dining hall has an ice cream machine, I would recommend topping off your cup of joe with a scoop of your flavor of choice, and revel in the luxury of your new favorite drink.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is used in pretty much everything these days, so why not add it to your coffee too? Advocates maintain that coconut oil enhances coffee, making it taste better and providing a whole lot of health benefits. A spoonful of the stuff will help speed up your metabolism, boost your immune system, and leave you feeling more satisfied.
Breakfast and coffee in one? Yes, please. Decrease your morning routine by adding raw oatmeal into your hot cup of coffee until the oatmeal is cooked through. Add cinnamon, honey, or sugar for extra flavor and sweetness. As a bonus, there's one less set of dishes you have to do. It's a win-win.
Tonic Water
Bubbly iced coffee sounds weird but also somewhat appealing, right? This combination, popular in places like Sweden, is made by pouring cold brew or espresso over tonic water and ice. The resulting drink is said to be citrusy, crisp, and refreshing (especially on those hot summer days), with an additional caffeinated kick you'll probably need once exams start. By night, turn this drink into a cold brew gin and tonic, because you deserve it.
Lemon or Lime
First there was lemon in water, now there's lemon in coffee. Give your morning brew a citrusy kick by throwing in a fresh lemon or lime peel (but be careful not to swallow it). The peel will get rid of the bitter flavors of your coffee and enhance its sweetness. Another myth suggests that a lemon peel can clean your teeth after drinking coffee or espresso. Unfortunately, however, it can't prevent coffee breath.
The more caffeine the merrier. For the ultimate pick-me-up, pour some Coca-Cola into your iced coffee, making a drink that's said to be similar to vanilla Coke. The mixture results in a refreshing fizz that's bubbly and sure to keep you awake throughout most of the day. Be sure to use a medium to dark roast coffee in order to decrease dilution and counteract the sweetness of the soda.
Vanilla Extract
Pure vanilla extract is a great replacement for any artificial sweeteners or sugars that you would typically use in your coffee. Just a few drops of the stuff will sweeten your brew and add additional flavor minus all the fake preservatives in traditional flavor syrups. You could also try adding almond extract to experiment with flavor profiles.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
You're never going to want to put regular milk in your coffee again after you try it with this stuff. Sweetened condensed milk added to your coffee will make it sweeter and creamier, requiring no extra sugar. A traditional drink in Vietnam, it's super easy to make and way cheaper than any of the lattes at Starbucks you usually get.
Peanut Butter
This was actually an experiment of my own, as I have a slight huge obsession with peanut butter and would try to eat it with everything if I could. Peanut butter will give your hot coffee a nutty, creamy taste, and provide all the benefits that come with eating it. This includes added protein to help make you feel fuller longer, healthy fats, fiber, and potassium. You could even blend coffee and peanut butter with some other ingredients to create a satisfying morning coffee smoothie.

How to Save Money on Coffee Year-Round

National Coffee Day offers many money-saving opportunities, but with a little savvy thinking, you can easily cut costs on your coffee spending every day.

Enjoy a home brew. The average cup of coffee costs $2.70, according to 2015 research from Square. A 1-pound bag of coffee produces roughly 64 5-ounce cups, according to Starbucks, and costs around $12.95 on the company's website. Assuming your $2.70 cup of java contains 12 ounces, you could get 26.6 cups of the same size beverage from your home brew and pay just $0.49 cents per cup.

Stop ordering fancy drinks. If you thought $2.70 seemed steep for the average price of a cup of coffee, you'll probably be shocked to learn the average chai drink costs $3.76, rising to $3.78 for a latte and $3.94 for a mocha, according to the Square survey. Ditching your pricey espresso habit and simplifying your order can save you more than $1 every time you visit your local coffee shop, so think twice before ordering.

Bring your own cup. Many coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own mug on Coffee Day and every day, so don't forget yours the next time you head out for a caffeine fix. If you're near a Starbucks, stop in and enjoy a $0.10 discount on your drink or $0.20 at any location of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Join a subscription service. Not only does having bags of coffee delivered to your front door save time and gas money, it can also lower the price of the beans. For example, Peet's Coffee and Tea offers a 10 percent product discount on subscription orders, just for being a loyal customer.

Become a loyalty member. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer discounts to regular patrons, so find a loyalty program at a location convenient for you and stick to it. For example, download the McDonald's app and get every sixth McCafe beverage free.

How to Save on Coffee Year-Round

While there are some great National Coffee Day deals, cutting down on coffee costs can help you save a lot. Here are some ideas to help you keep saving from now until next year's National Coffee Day.

Brew at home. While a cup of coffee from your local Starbucks will start at around $3 a cup, a coffee brewed at home will be well under 25 cents a cup. Try brewing your own coffee at home, or opt for the free pot of coffee at work over ordering a made-to-order beverage from your neighborhood barista.

Look for deals. If you simply have to buy coffee while out and about, look for opportunities to save. For instance, you can join Starbucks' loyalty program to earn rewards. Or, keep an eye out for special deals or offers from your local coffee shops. Many online coffee outlets also offer big discounts on specialty roasts you can brew at home.

Order less. When you head to the coffee counter, try to order less. Getting a smaller size can lower your price, as can cutting down on add-ons like whipped cream or specialty syrups. Plus, you'll be saving on calories, too.

Bring your own coffee mug. If you bring your own travel coffee mug to some coffee joints, you can get the same coffee at a refill price.

Now compare the price of coffee at your favorite chains:

Price of coffee at 10 fast-food places
See Gallery
Price of coffee at 10 fast-food places


McCafe premium roast coffee, small: $1.00

Burger King

Smooth roast coffee, small: $1.00

Krispy Kreme

Coffee (smooth, rich, or decaf), small: $1.59

Dunkin' Donuts

Hot coffee, small: $1.59

Tim Hortons

Coffee (original blend, dark roast or decaf): $1.59

Caribou Coffee

Coffee of the day, small: $1.69

Panera Bread

Hot coffee, small: $1.89


Freshly brewed coffee, tall: $1.85

Bruegger's Bagels 

House blend coffee, small: $1.99


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