7 ways to save at Old Navy

Old Navy might not be the biggest retailer on the block, but it is among the most beloved.

In fact, a survey by the National Retail Federation says Old Navy's website is shoppers' ninth most preferred e-commerce site. That places it ahead of Sears, Nordstrom, Home Depot and even my personal favorite, Costco.

Think of Old Navy as the younger, more affordable sibling to Gap and Banana Republic — all three are owned by parent company, Gap Inc. Old Navy is popular with those who keep a close eye on their wallets. In addition to its reasonable price tags, the retailer is known for its family friendly selection.

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Following are seven ways to save at Old Navy, whether you're shopping online or in-store.

1. Add the Old Navy credit card to your wallet

If you shop regularly at Old Navy or affiliated brands, it might make sense to open a credit card account with the store. When you do so, you'll receive 15 percent off your next purchase!

Using the Visa-branded card also allows you to rack up rewards — five points for every $1 spent at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic or Athleta, plus one point for every dollar you spend elsewhere. In addition, you'll receive 500 extra rewards points if you agree to a paperless statement.

Once you accumulate 500 rewards points, you get a $5 reward that you can redeem at any of the aforementioned stores. If you earn 5,000 in rewards in a single year, you qualify for "Navyist" status. That grants you additional benefits, including:

  • 20 percent extra rewards points each quarter
  • Free shipping on any online purchase
  • Free basic alterations on Banana Republic purchases

2. Look for drastic sales

Every so often, Old Navy will have a sale when a certain item will be dirt cheap. For example, the retailer has offered $1 flip-flops or $2 scarves.

There is no telling when the next great offer might arrive, so keep your eyes peeled. Or better yet, follow the advice in the next entry on this list so you'll be alerted when the sales are scheduled.

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Lessons that teach your kids to save money
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Lessons that teach your kids to save money

Play money-centered board games or games on apps, like Monopoly or Money Race.
It's an interactive and fun way for your kids to learn about basic financial practices without feeling like they're being lectured.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Give them an allotted amount of cash to spend on lunch each week.
Your child will learn how to budget accordingly throughout the week, figuring out how to balance spending money on food some days vs bringing their own on other days (something that can be directly translated into the adult workplace).

Photo credit: Getty

Have them write down or tell you their absolute dream toy.
Then, show them that it's possible to have that toy if they save x enough money for x amount of weeks.

Photo credit: Getty

Give them an allowance.

Photo credit: Alamy

Stick to a set time and date each month for giving your child their allowance.
Practicing giving your children their allowance every other week or on certain dates of each month will help them prepare for set paydays in the working world--it will teach them to budget out and how to know when to save up in anticipation.

Photo credit: Getty

Match your child's savings each month.
This will imitate a 401K and show your child ways in which saving can (literally) pay off.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Have your kid organize their funds in to different jars to represent different accounts.
Examples could be "Saving", "Spending", "Charity", "Emergency", "College".

Photo credit: Getty

Take your kids grocery shopping and explain certain choices you make with your purchases to them.
Your children will benefit from knowing what's best to purchase name brand vs. generic, why some snacks are better to buy in bulk, etc.

Photo credit: Getty


3. Join the Old Navy email list

Join the Old Navy email mailing list, and you will save a whopping 30 percent off your next purchase. In addition, you will be alerted to new products and special offers as they are released.

Add your birthday at sign-up and you will get a special gift on your big day. Are you an Old Navy cardholder? If so, you will receive up to 500 reward points when you join the retailer's email list.

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4. Sign up for mobile text alerts

All you need to score the next deal is a text-enabled cellphone. Register to receive mobile text alerts from Old Navy — officially known as joining the "ONtourage" — and you will get $5 off your next purchase of $35 or more.

5. Request a price adjustment

If you buy something at Old Navy and subsequently see the retailer offering the same item for a lower price, you can ask for a one-time price adjustment. The offer is good for 14 days after you purchase your item. According to Old Navy:

If your purchase is eligible for a price adjustment, we refund you the difference in your original form of payment, such as the credit card you used.

Exclusions apply, so be sure to check the website before requesting your price break.

6. Shop through a cash-back site

When you shop through one of these sites, you will earn cash back after you make a purchase. For example, sign up at cash-back site Ebates. Then, go to Old Navy through the Ebates link to shop.

Recently, Ebates offered 2 percent cash back on all Old Navy purchases. Even better, if you sign up at Ebates you will now get cash back even if you make your purchase in the store rather than online.

Find out more about this new feature by going to the Ebates home page and clicking on the button that says "The cash back you love, now in store."

7. Buy discount gift cards

Finally, you can save a bit more on your Old Navy merchandise by purchasing discounted gift cards at sites like Raise and Cardpool. Recently, Raise offered Old Navy gift cards for up to 10 percent off, while Cardpool offered discounts of up to 11 percent.

Do you have more tips for saving at Old Navy? Share them by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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