This video of a calligraphy artist recreating company logos to perfection is mesmerizing

To say that this video is absolutely mesmerizing would be no exaggeration.

In fact, we would even venture to call that an understatement.

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If you're someone who struggles to make your handwriting look clean and professional, you're not alone. Perhaps that's why were so blown away by this artist's work.

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Calligrapher Sebastian Lester, based in Sussex, England is able to recreate dozens of iconic logos in a matter of minutes, using just one piece of paper and a calligraphy pen.

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Whether it be an iconic brand like Coca-Cola or Apple, an old-school band like Led Zeppelin or ACDC, or even car companies like Ferrari and Hyundai, you name it and Lester can do it.

The intricacies with which he can match everything from the typeface, spacing, boldness and angle of each logo is truly uncanny.

Watch the video above on repeat if you're in the mood to become completely entranced with Lester's unmatchable pen strokes.

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